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Crows and the Great October Roost

[caption id="attachment_1005" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="By T.L.Kemp"][/caption] It is  the time when the crows begin to form small roosting groups in the evening. Observers may note flights of crows all heading in one direction in late afternoon/evening or gathering in a group in the treetops. These gatherings are generally much smaller that the large winter communal roosts and we presume they serve as a sort of training ground...


Unusual Crow Sanctuary Flying High

Most people don’t mind having a cat or dog around the house, or even a rabbit. But a Wolverhampton, UK  couple have gone a step further by sharing their life with dozens of squawking crows – some of which have even appeared on TV. Mark and Lisa Edge run a sanctuary at their Wednesfield home for unwanted or injured crows, ravens, magpies and rooks and have 37 birds...


10 Really Weird Crow Facts

In our last top ten fact list about Crows we highlighted corvids from a scientific angle - they are intelligent, persistent, prolific, and hardy. In this list, we want to explore some of the stranger things about our favorite critter. Without further ado: Crows living in suburban areas require only 10% of the nesting territory that crows living in in the wilderness do,  and are much more...


The Chimney Cleaners – Jackdaws on the Roof

Both in the air and on the ground there is an irrepressible jauntiness about jackdaw movements. Yet perhaps the most useful distinguishing feature of this intensely sociable bird is its voice. The full range of calls is complex, although the best known is a monosyllabic, almost dog-like yap, of which the first part of the name is descriptive. Jackdaws make another loud, resonant alarm note, an almost...


Featured Creature: The Jackdaw

Jackdaw (Corvus monedula) This month our focus is on a European bird, the Jackdaw.  These Jay-sized mini-crows are an extremely lively and social bunch, and are most (in)famous for their compelling infatuation with shiny objects.  Quite a remarkable character, the jackdaw prefers the glossy black - and sometimes purplish - coat of a gentleman, but is also commonly seen with a grey 'hooded' look about the nape....


Obscured by Light – Remains of Winter

"The Remains of Winter" by Polish photographer Obscured By Light documents local corvids killed by the cold weather, hunger or thirst, during one of the most bitter winters in the last twenty years. The birds were everywhere, and among the chilling landscape of frozen playgrounds. This post explores the shadows of our winter past, so that we may shed them in favor of the spring...


Earth Day: How You Can Help Corvids

Earth Day is dedicated to celebrating the lands, waters and animals that we care for the most. It is also a day to honor those people who care so deeply for nature and for the future of our natural world. That is why we wish to thank you for supporting this cause.  You have helped to build a community of caring individuals that use their unique voices...