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Keeping Up With Kinohi – San Diego Zoo’s Rare Alala

This is Kinohi, an ‘alala (Hawaiian crow) hatched in captivity 20 years ago. Growing up, he lacked other crows to socialize with, and so he developed an unusual vocabulary. But while we may find his human-like babble amusing, there is nothing funny about the fact that he will not breed. Kinohi was sent to the San Diego Zoo in 2009 so that Dr. Barbara Durrant, director of...


Featured Creature: The ‘Alala (Hawaiian Crow)

Having spent my early childhood in Maui, Hawaiian wildlife is close to my heart.  I've grown up watching resorts spring up along the coasts, foothills cleared for cineplexes, and bird song grow ever quieter.  It is a reality which I hope never hits my current home of Zagreb, still bursting with chatter within our boreal dwellings. The Alala, or Hawaiian Crow (Corvus hawaiiensis),  is sadly one of...


Hawaiian Crow – A Ghost of Our Past

A "State of the Birds" report released by the US federal government  in partnership with several conservancy programs estimates that a third of the United States’ roughly 800 bird species are in danger. The report is, in a word, depressing. It is the summation of a slew of depressing bird censuses, which together encompass 40 years worth of data. US Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said...