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10 Amazing Crow Facts

Corvids can be found all over the world except southern S. America, the Poles and various islands. They are believed to have originated in central Asia and species diversity is still high there. The o… Aves

10 Really Weird Crow Facts

In our last top ten fact list about Crows we highlighted corvids from a scientific angle – they are intelligent, persistent, prolific, and hardy. In this list, we want to explore some of the str… Aves

April Reflections

Spring is in full swing, (or autumn for those of you down under) and as you prepare to lay about on this beautiful weekend no matter where you are in the world, enjoy some of our more insightful posts… à l’examen

Black Penguin Found

National Geographic Traveler contributor Andrew Evans recently spotted and filmed an all-black king penguin—a very rare mutant—on the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia. Aves

Christian Ludwig Brehm

From the Museum Koenig Eiersammeln The history of the Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig is closely linked with the history of his collection of birds. Precisely speaking, the collection in t… Aves

Common Raven

For centuries mankind has been intrigued by the raven. Immortalized in legend and myth, praised in poetry, feared as a harbinger of death, these stunning and intelligent birds have always been where m… Aves

Crow Takes a Bath

The internet is full of memes of bathing cats, pugs, babies, and hamsters – all of which can be cute – but how often do we get to watch a crow frolicking in the tub? [yt]XeXEzAQBUkY[/yt] Aves

Crows & Ravens : The Difference

  Today I thought I would post a short feature outlining the difference in the Crow and Raven for those of you who may not know. Many people use the terms ‘raven’ and ‘crow&#821… Aves

Cue the Hitchcock Music!

The birds are taking over. A crow patrol is scouring the streets of Kagoshima, Japan. The birds’ crime is not murder (the name for a group of crows) but instead causing blackouts by roosting amo… Aves

Endangered Mariana Crow

“It’s an hour before dawn and our group is stumbling uphill toward our blinds. I’m carrying a small cat container that holds our captive Mariana Crow, Latte, and shredding my boots… Aves



Truth & Myth: Crows & Ravens in The Game of Thrones

The sagas of Westeros, known as A Song of Ice and Fire and adapted into the wildly reknowned Game of Thrones TV series, makes frequent use of Crows and Ravens as omens, messengers and atmosphere. The … Arts,Current Corvids,Film

Magpies Nesting

his past spring and summer I had the opportunity to observe and photograph nesting behaviors of Black-billed Magpies on Antelope Island in northern Utah.  Magpies are common in Utah and much of the… Photography

Akiko Watanabe’s Ravens

Akiko Watanabe was born and raised in Japan. She studied electrical engineering, Japanese art and culture, and English, and became a professional technical translator of English and Japanese. In 1981 … Artists

Raven Art of Michael Pape

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and self-taught, Michael Pape finds many beautiful things such as animals and nature that inspire his paintings. Always fascinated by realistic painting styles, Michae… Artists

Emi Fujimoto Autumn Ravens

Emi Fujimoto  is a young Japanese photographer and artist with an “innocent” macabre style. Ravens, moons, puppets and cats sparkle across her gallery, set against the dim and beautiful… Photography,Portfolio

Special Edition Prints Available

You may now purchase selected prints through FineArtAmerica. The quality and service is great, and they ship all over the world. Look for the Prints button on the image pages, or click below to view t… Featured,Photography

John Cusack & “The Raven

We have news of John Cusack’s upcoming film “The Raven” which will be directed by James McTeigue.  Cusack is starring as Edgar Allan Poe in  a fictionalized story about Poe tea… Film

Karen Bondarchuk Crows: Scavenging Scavengers

Karen Bondarchuk, assistant professor of art, will be one of about 30 members of Western Michigan University’s Gwen Frostic School of Art faculty and staff who’ll display pieces in the a… Artists,Arts,Portfolio

Key Gross: The Inquisitive Raven

    Key Gross is a Russian photographer with an absolutely gorgeous eye for ghostly black and white images. This gem jumped out of his recent posts and I couldn’t help but feature it! Arts,Photography,Portfolio

Jutta Maue Kay – Crows on a Cloud

Jutta Maue Kay is a German native with a passion for human rights and conservation. She has been all over the world, and currently resides in Vancouver, where her newest subjects are in vast abundance… Photography,Portfolio

Film Noir – Creepy Corvid Movies

If it is raining and gloomy where you are, then it is time to snuggle up in your favorite blanket, make some popcorn, and watch a really good (or awesomely bad) movie to celebrate Halloween. Ravens, C… Film

Raven the Egg Thief

This month’s Zenchilada expands beyond yummy mexican fusion gastronomy and heads into the mystical mind of Beth Surdut. The Santa Fe Raven Artista and Storyteller Extraordinaire, is featured on … Artists,Current Corvids

The Crows Shall Inherit the Earth

Animalia is an inter-species fairytale about a girl who is disenchanted with the world and wishes she could fly. She joins the circus only to discover it is a secret military operation. She then runs … Film