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Aves Noir

Alalā in the wild for the first time in two decades.

The 'Alalā Project

And the VIDEO we've all been waiting for! Alalā in the wild for the first time in two decades. Five male birds were released on December 14th in the Pu‘u Maka‘ala Natural Area Reserve on Hawai‘i Island. A moment of high importance for endangered species and Hawaiian conservation. E ho‘olā‘au hou ka ‘Alalā! May the ‘Alalā thrive once again in their forest home! Footage courtesy of: San Diego Zoo Global #alalareturnhome #backtothewild #forestbuilders #ehoolaauhoukaalala

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Ian Haskell

See more gorgeous photos from the 2016 British Photography Awards https://www.bwpawards.org/winners2016

Timeline Photos

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The Crowtographer never fails to find beauty and elegance in our clever little friends.

The Crowtographer


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Aves Noir shared a link.

Adventurous bird's art exhibit something to crow about


The infamous knife-stealing, subway-riding crow is now the subject of an art exhibition at ROAM Gallery.

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Raven dancing

Compagnie Le Guetteur - Luc Petton

Un petit hommage à Bayo, la corneille, qui joue actuellement en Avignon. Interprète phare de la Confidence des Oiseaux de Luc Petton, que l’on peut voir ici dans un duo avec la magnifique danseuse Marie-laure Agrapart, créé en 2005.

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A beautiful photo by thr beautiful Daria Endresen

Instagram photo by THRJÁR • Apr 20, 2016 at 1:18pm UTC


See this Instagram photo by @thrjar.jewelry • 18 likes

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Aves Noir shared Colleen Gara Wildlife Photography's photo.

Colleen Gara Wildlife Photography

"Raven Love" - A tender moment between a pair of Ravens in Banff National Park.

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"People called the crow a tamed villain and a thief. He terrorised half of the Białowieża area. He stole cigarette cases, hair brushes, scissors, cutters, mouse traps and notepads. He attacked people. (…) He tore up bicycle seats. He stole documents, he stole the lumberjacks’ sausage in the woods, and made holes in grocery bags."

Naturalist Simona Kossak with the crow Korasek, who would steal gold and attack bicycle riders. Photo: Lech Wilczek

The Extraordinary Life of Simona Kossak | Article | Culture.pl


They called her a witch, because she chatted with animals and owned a terrorist-crow, who stole gold and attacked bicycle riders. A lynx slept in her bed, and a tamed boar lived under the same roof with her. Simona Kossak was a scientist, ecologist and the author of award-winning films, as well as a…

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John Marzluff and his team delve into the mysterious crow funeral

The birds that fear death


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At the center of this piece is a crow, but the message is so much more.

The Crow Who Wore A Suit And Worked In An Office HD (A Phil Brookes Soundtrack)


This film by Eirik Grønmo Bjørnsen is an animation based on the idea of someone hating their 9 to 5 mind numbing, unfulfilling day job, with a drive to drast...

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