Emi Fujimoto Autumn Ravens

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Emi Fujimoto  is a young Japanese photographer and artist with an “innocent” macabre style. Ravens, moons, puppets and cats sparkle across her gallery, set against the dim and beautiful world only her lens can create.






Twilight- fujimoto emi

View more of Emi’s work here , on Flickr or follow her on Google+:

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  1. Very nice! I love them

  2. lovely ♥♥

  3. Come to me, Ravenheart
    ”Messenger of evil”
    Come to me. What’s the news?
    Here I’m still left lonely

    You shadow of forgotten dreams
    You come to take away
    My hope on your black wings

    Of love & hate the singers tell
    But I feel more, more of both,
    More than heaven & hell.
    I take a bow to destiny.
    Now I have really learnt my part
    Once loving HIM, now hating love
    I’ve made mistakes, my Ravenheart

    Will I get back who I adore?
    Thus spoke the raven: nevermore.


  4. beautiful shots

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