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A Crow City – Deep Thoughts of a Bird Brain

A Crow City recently hopped up and lightly pecked us on the shoulder, blinked cutely, and began to twitter.  I instantly fell in love with its darkly funny narratives and snapshots of what I can only discern is the author.  After all, if crows can use tools, what is to stop them from figuring out photoshop? Below are some of our favorites! You can get your daily dose...


Crows Learning to Fly

I've been following a pair of Hooded Crows living on my roof for awhile now, and on a rainy morning recently I heard them launch southward with 6 or 7 voices following them. As the rain let down a bit and the sun peeked through the clouds, I followed their distant cawing. As I approached down a side street, they came to greet me. They circled...


Obscured by Light – Remains of Winter

"The Remains of Winter" by Polish photographer Obscured By Light documents local corvids killed by the cold weather, hunger or thirst, during one of the most bitter winters in the last twenty years. The birds were everywhere, and among the chilling landscape of frozen playgrounds. This post explores the shadows of our winter past, so that we may shed them in favor of the spring...


Keeping Company With the Crows

It isn't just the crow's size or its air as God's lieutenant; it's not only that it boasts size and sheen. It's the bird's warrior way, its braggart confidence, its manner of issuing orders without hesitation in a voice imperative enough to be heard on the next block, insisting before the sun is fully up that everything living ought to arise, fit for the battle, or...


The Crow Conglomerate (Pt.2)

Part 2 of the insightful Crow Conglomerate editorial."The other day I was having lunch with an important crow in the park—me sipping from a drinking fountain while he ate peanuts taken from a squirrel. In between sharp downward raps of his bill on the peanut shell to poke it open, he drew me out with seemingly artless questions. Sometimes the wind would push the shell to...


The Crow Conglomerate (Pt. I)

Lately, I’ve been working for the crows, and so far it’s the best job I ever had. I fell into it by a combination of preparedness and luck. I’d been casting around a bit, looking for a new direction in my career, and one afternoon when I was out on my walk I happened to see some crows fly by. One of them landed on a...