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Ravens in Celtic Mythology

Ravens figure heavily in Celtic mythology and legend. They were linked to darkness and death - especially the death of warriors in battle. Celtic war goddesses often took the form of a raven. In "The Dream of Rhonabwy", the knight Owein battles King Arthur in a dream world assisted by ravens. Some tales suggest that the great King Arthur himself was turned in to a raven...


Riccardo Tisci: Givenchy

Riccardo Tisci pulls from the flirtatious texture of feathers and the shape of black wings amongst spiral-cut sprays of organza, jumpsuits in black lace with boleros, and a section of long evening looks that ran from creamy flamenco-influenced layers of Chantilly to more severe midnight blue columns covered with flying capes of black chiffon in his couture debut for Givenchy Spring 2010 in Paris....



Every month, birders in the Twin Cities (MN, USA) get together for Birds and Beers. It is a social event to bring birders together and it is hosted by Birdchick. Last month they chose to gather in Loring Park, central to downtown Minneapolis, to watch the Crows come in to roost for the night. Thousands appeared....