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The Raven of Matyas Corvinus

In the middle of the 15th century, Hungary had bad luck hanging on to its foreign kings: Two of them died unexpectedly within seven years. They suffered amidst plague, treachery, and foreign encroachment and seemed all but doomed to lose their hold on bloodline and border.At this dark moment, the Hungarians looked to a 15 year old boy, Mátyás (or Matthias in English) for salvation. According...


Etsy Spotlight: Polkadot Magpie

Polkadot Magpie is a New Mexico artisan of jewelry and accessories handcrafted from recycled materials such as paper micarta made to look like polished stone. Each piece carries her special style and whimsy, and she will make anything custom to order, including engraving your name or special message.  These are also perfect for any mama bird (Mom's day is this Sunday!) Visit Polkadot Magpie here...


Edgar the Hybrid Raven

She is an artist, singer, corvidologist, and former stunt woman., but most of all Debbie Porter is probably one of the most popular and adored corvid connoisseurs of the internet. She is a dedicated mom to several crows and ravens (and cats, pigs, and humans too) and her hybrid raven, Edgar, has his own facebook page as well as a multitude of Youtube followers! We want...


Obscured by Light – Remains of Winter

"The Remains of Winter" by Polish photographer Obscured By Light documents local corvids killed by the cold weather, hunger or thirst, during one of the most bitter winters in the last twenty years. The birds were everywhere, and among the chilling landscape of frozen playgrounds. This post explores the shadows of our winter past, so that we may shed them in favor of the spring...