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The Spirit Ravens of Qualicum Beach

We’ve all heard of the black raven, but rare sightings of a white version of the bird now have birding enthusiasts flocking to the island in hopes of spotting one. Qualicum Beach, a beach and town on Vancouver Island British Columbia, has been home to rare white ravens for the past few years. This year, at least one new white raven has hatched, prompting birders to flock...


Empathy is For the Birds Too

Many birds are highly social and very intelligent, two traits that might be prerequisites for empathy. Although very little is known about empathy in birds, (read our previous article here) there is some tantalizing evidence that it exists. New research has documented what many bird watchers have known for decades; ravens apparently console their friends after an aggressive conflict with a flockmate.  To flesh out this...


Crow Problem in the Kremlin

I do not know much about the ecology in Moscow personally, so this is an interesting dilemma. It stands in stark juxstoposition to cities like London and New York which also have a lot of crows, ravens, pidgeons, and warblers which nest on buildings and so on and which are not exterminated in this way.  What would the queen say about a legion of hawks unleashed...


Keeping Up With Kinohi – San Diego Zoo’s Rare Alala

This is Kinohi, an ‘alala (Hawaiian crow) hatched in captivity 20 years ago. Growing up, he lacked other crows to socialize with, and so he developed an unusual vocabulary. But while we may find his human-like babble amusing, there is nothing funny about the fact that he will not breed. Kinohi was sent to the San Diego Zoo in 2009 so that Dr. Barbara Durrant, director of...


Shade, a Very Smart Raven Widgets Author Diane Phelps Budden witnessed firsthand the special relationship between Sedona resident Emily Cory and a raven and found it so inspiring that she has written a book for children, "Shade: A Story About a Very Smart Raven." Cory was training Shade to rescue people in the Red Rock country of Sedona and one morning, while the raven was scouring her surroundings for...


Fluffy Causes Crow Catastrophe

We've written before about how corvids can recognize people who do them harm (and also those who do them well),  plaguing evildoers for eternity. We also just mentioned how their cousins the Grackle are known to ferociously attack anyone who messes with their babies. This morning in my hometown of Zagreb, a little white cat set off a chain of events that now has two firetrucks, squad...