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Truth & Myth: Crows & Ravens in The Game of Thrones

The sagas of Westeros, known as A Song of Ice and Fire and adapted into the wildly reknowned Game of Thrones TV series, makes frequent use of Crows and Ravens as omens, messengers and atmosphere. The foundation of the stories, plots and characters also draw heavily from real-world mythologies.  How much of this is fantasy and how much is rooted in truth? Here we examine the...


Raven the Egg Thief

[caption id="attachment_1019" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="Beth Surdut"][/caption] This month's Zenchilada expands beyond yummy mexican fusion gastronomy and heads into the mystical mind of Beth Surdut. The Santa Fe Raven Artista and Storyteller Extraordinaire, is featured on page 58. She tells an engaging story of friendship and observation, a whimsical study of Raven behavior in her desert home. "The Egg Thief swoops in at least once a day to check on...


A Murder of Crows

Crows do not have the best of reputations. They are generally dismissed as spooky – Hitchcock used them quite successfully to frighten moviegoers, or as a general nuisance – scarecrows were after all invented to scare crows away from crops. But their image is about to take a real turn. New research has shown they are among the most intelligent animals in the world, able to...


Randall Museum Presents: Crows and Ravens of California

Crows and Ravens of California is an overview of the world-wide Corvid Family (crows, ravens, jays + their kin), with a specific focus on the four Bay Area resident species, plus a fifth that may be establishing a population there. A sidebar will give guidelines for distinguishing the local American crow from its larger cousin, the northern raven. A brief look at other California species will...


Unusual Crow Sanctuary Flying High

Most people don’t mind having a cat or dog around the house, or even a rabbit. But a Wolverhampton, UK  couple have gone a step further by sharing their life with dozens of squawking crows – some of which have even appeared on TV. Mark and Lisa Edge run a sanctuary at their Wednesfield home for unwanted or injured crows, ravens, magpies and rooks and have 37 birds...


Crows: Nature’s Scamps?

Love them or hate them, crows are some of the smartest and most adaptable birds around, and they're a lot like us. [caption id="attachment_901" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="Photo by Tomi Tapio"][/caption] People seem to be of two minds about crows. Some of us admire these big black birds for their intelligence, inquisitiveness, playfulness and other sterling qualities. Others despise crows for their raucous calls, messing with garbage and nasty...


Shade the Raven Takes Off

[caption id="attachment_898" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Emily Cory is training her pet raven, Shade, to find lost hikers or tourists in the Arizona backcountry. Shade is already an expert at hide-and-seek and has an uncanny ability to understand verbal commands."][/caption] A couple months ago we featured a wonderful children's book by Diane Phelps  - Shade the Raven. The story is based on Emily Cory's companion, a white necked raven...


Jungle Crows: Decent Neighbors

[caption id="attachment_772" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="By haythornthwaite.c"][/caption] Crows in Japan have long had a bad reputation, perhaps moreso than anywhere else. They are prevalent, noisy, and very commonplace but does that mean they should be regarded as vermin?  Colin Tyner, Japanese resident, does not think so. He writes, "The other day, I was looking out of my window and I spotted a large crow’s nest just outside. Not only...