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Ravens, Tom Ford Eyewear And Brand Myth

The raven as the icon of black beauty, primordial intelligence, mystery and the old ones. Is the etymology of corvid derived from the ancient Proto-Indo European seed sound kos, for shout? That would seem appropriate — ravens for shouting. Marketing as the shout, raven-style. But it’s the sound of the kraaak and croak that reaches to the heart of the word and the story – and...


Etsy Spotlight: Polkadot Magpie

Polkadot Magpie is a New Mexico artisan of jewelry and accessories handcrafted from recycled materials such as paper micarta made to look like polished stone. Each piece carries her special style and whimsy, and she will make anything custom to order, including engraving your name or special message.  These are also perfect for any mama bird (Mom's day is this Sunday!) Visit Polkadot Magpie here...


Celebs Caw For Feathers

From subtle to literal, celebs celebrate the Crow with daring fashion. Below are just a few who have recently strutted in style. As always, AvesNoir believes in feathers from naturallly occuring death and does not endorse the hunting of crows for such purposes! As these are all couture pieces, we do not believe anyone was harmed in the process (except, perhaps, the wearer) . . . ...


Gaultier – Spring 2010

I just spent a half hour staring in awe at the abundance of gorgeous artistry and detail in Jean Paul Gaultier's Spring 2010 collection. Each piece is so painstakingly tailored and manipulated into shapes entirely unreal.  The weaving and color in most of the pieces reminded me also of Haida. Haida art had reached a very sophisticated stage of development by the time of the Haida people’s...


James Vance – Dior

Over the years, James Vance has worked as a window dresser, set designer, prop stylist, muralist, graphic artist, event designer, art director, interior designer, gallery director, and just about every job that has now become a reality show on Bravo.  Lately, he spends his time creating works for Bergdorf Goodman such as this gigantic crow holding court in the Dior window at the 2005 trunk show...


Raven & Crow Skulls

Folklore of the Hebrides tells that giving a newborn his first drink from the skull of a raven will give the child wisdom and the power of prophesy. In today's world, drinking from a raven skull is probably not as acceptable, but nothing should stop you from promoting the delicate magic such artifacts hold....