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Lazy Sunday Video – Arthur & Martha

Arthur and Martha, so named by Scottish vlogger Grandma Dorrie, are a very special couple indeed.  A carrion crow and a hooded crow are a very rare breeding pair, typically only found in situations where the male cannot find a suitable mate within its own group.  Hooded crows (or corbies/hoodies as they are affectionately called in Scotland and Ireland) are also very uncommon in this area,...


Featured Creature: The ‘Alala (Hawaiian Crow)

Having spent my early childhood in Maui, Hawaiian wildlife is close to my heart.  I've grown up watching resorts spring up along the coasts, foothills cleared for cineplexes, and bird song grow ever quieter.  It is a reality which I hope never hits my current home of Zagreb, still bursting with chatter within our boreal dwellings. The Alala, or Hawaiian Crow (Corvus hawaiiensis),  is sadly one of...


Hawaiian Crow – A Ghost of Our Past

A "State of the Birds" report released by the US federal government  in partnership with several conservancy programs estimates that a third of the United States’ roughly 800 bird species are in danger. The report is, in a word, depressing. It is the summation of a slew of depressing bird censuses, which together encompass 40 years worth of data. US Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said...


The Crow Conglomerate (Pt.2)

Part 2 of the insightful Crow Conglomerate editorial."The other day I was having lunch with an important crow in the park—me sipping from a drinking fountain while he ate peanuts taken from a squirrel. In between sharp downward raps of his bill on the peanut shell to poke it open, he drew me out with seemingly artless questions. Sometimes the wind would push the shell to...


Crow Takes a Bath

The internet is full of memes of bathing cats, pugs, babies, and hamsters - all of which can be cute - but how often do we get to watch a crow frolicking in the tub? [yt]XeXEzAQBUkY[/yt]...


Crows & Ravens : The Difference

  Today I thought I would post a short feature outlining the difference in the Crow and Raven for those of you who may not know. Many people use the terms 'raven' and 'crow' interchangeably, but they are actually quite different. Technically, since ravens belong to the crow (corvus) family of birds, they can be called crows - but not all crows are ravens. The two differ...


Oxford Studies: Crows Using Tools

A few years ago, scientists were astonished when they saw their crow, Betty,  invent a new tool. Betty's ability was first noticed after she and her mate  were shown a clear tube that had a small bucket with food at the bottom. The bucket ...


The Crow Paradox

The mind numbing Raven paradox, also known as Hempel's paradox or Hempel's ravens is a paradox proposed by the German logician Carl Gustav Hempel in the 1940s to illustrate a problem where inductive logic violates intuition. It reveals the fundamental problem of induction - All Ravens are black, thus anything that is not black is not a Raven. On the contrary, here is a white raven. [caption id="attachment_665"...