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Shade, a Very Smart Raven

Amazon.com Widgets Author Diane Phelps Budden witnessed firsthand the special relationship between Sedona resident Emily Cory and a raven and found it so inspiring that she has written a book for children, "Shade: A Story About a Very Smart Raven." Cory was training Shade to rescue people in the Red Rock country of Sedona and one morning, while the raven was scouring her surroundings for...


When Grackles Attack

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uy2SlbolT6o Women won't walk alone through the intersection of Chase Street and Trinity Place in West Palm Beach anymore. There have been assaults, merciless attacks...


Cue the Hitchcock Music!

The birds are taking over. A crow patrol is scouring the streets of Kagoshima, Japan. The birds' crime is not murder (the name for a group of crows) but instead causing blackouts by roosting among the power lines and reportedly “frightening away residents”. The patrol has been hired by Kyushu Electric, and tasked with looking for ways to reduce the city’s population of the noisy black...


Mythological Ravens

For centuries the corvids, ravens and crows in particular (corvus corax is the Latin name for the common raven and corvus corone for the carrion and hooded crows), have had a special place in the mythology of various cultures. In modern times this fascination has barely diminished. From Edgar Allen Poe's literary classic to the film of James O'Barr's cult graphic novel "The Crow", these birds...


Squirrel vs Crow

While we admire crows for their wit, grace, and beauty, one cannot deny that they are also opportunistic.  In this provocative video, its hard to choose sides - do the crows offer a cold and steady acceptance of death while being thorough recyclists, or is the squirrel due 100% of our sympathy? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sOw3mCz4Oc...


Endangered Mariana Crow

"It’s an hour before dawn and our group is stumbling uphill toward our blinds. I’m carrying a small cat container that holds our captive Mariana Crow, Latte, and shredding my boots on the sharp limestone. Latte was once the breeding female in the territory adjacent to where we’re trapping, but she lost a wing during a fierce tropical storm. She was rescued by Sarah Faegre, the...