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Crows Learning to Fly

I've been following a pair of Hooded Crows living on my roof for awhile now, and on a rainy morning recently I heard them launch southward with 6 or 7 voices following them. As the rain let down a bit and the sun peeked through the clouds, I followed their distant cawing. As I approached down a side street, they came to greet me. They circled...


Obscured by Light – Remains of Winter

"The Remains of Winter" by Polish photographer Obscured By Light documents local corvids killed by the cold weather, hunger or thirst, during one of the most bitter winters in the last twenty years. The birds were everywhere, and among the chilling landscape of frozen playgrounds. This post explores the shadows of our winter past, so that we may shed them in favor of the spring...


GothicCrow – Etsy Spotlight

"I always had photography in my life. My dad was a professional photographer and we grew up with a dark room in the basement and a studio in our living room. It just feels natural to be working with photographs. I use both film and digital cameras and my computer acts as my dark room. I have sold my pictures at art fairs, stores and on...


Fiona Messer – Recycled Crows

Fiona Messer is a Scottishmised media artist and illustrator who combines her love of history, medieval studies, books and book making with her love of calligraphy  and photography. She has a special soft spot for crows, which show up repeatedly in her work. "For many the common crow is just a pest. We hardy seem to notice them, but they notice us. They are wary and...