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Twilight- fujimoto emi

Emi Fujimoto Autumn Ravens

Emi Fujimoto  is a young Japanese photographer and artist with an "innocent" macabre style. Ravens, moons, puppets and cats sparkle across her gallery, set against the dim and beautiful world only her lens can create.           View more of Emi's work here , on Flickr or follow her on Google+: [button link="" color="black" newwindow="yes"] Add Emi Fujimoto to Circles [/button] Read the latest car news and check out newest photos, articles,...


Jutta Maue Kay – Crows on a Cloud

[caption id="attachment_1041" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="©Jutta Maue Kay"][/caption] Jutta Maue Kay is a German native with a passion for human rights and conservation. She has been all over the world, and currently resides in Vancouver, where her newest subjects are in vast abundance. The images she captures of the Ravens and Carrion Crows of the Pacific Northwest are truly special. Each one is infused...


Ravens, Tom Ford Eyewear And Brand Myth

The raven as the icon of black beauty, primordial intelligence, mystery and the old ones. Is the etymology of corvid derived from the ancient Proto-Indo European seed sound kos, for shout? That would seem appropriate — ravens for shouting. Marketing as the shout, raven-style. But it’s the sound of the kraaak and croak that reaches to the heart of the word and the story – and...


Remember the White Crow

[caption id="attachment_740" align="alignnone" width="550" caption="By southern sonata (lj)"][/caption] We've written before about leucism in crows and ravens, which can cause lighter or abnormal coloring. This little crow, however, is an albino; the difference being that leucism is a loss of pigment, whereas albinism is a lack of it. [caption id="attachment_737" align="alignnone" width="550" caption="By southern sonata (lj)"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_738" align="alignnone" width="550" caption="By southern sonata (lj)"][/caption] From the book of Basil Livanova...


The Jungle Crow

The Jungle Crow (Corvus macrorhynchos) is a crow (or Karasu烏 in Japanese) specific to Southeast Asia, and most prevalent in Japan. They are slightly larger than the Carrion Crow, and are affectionately called Corvus Growus Biggust by some locals. The Corvus japonensis, or large billed crow, is just one of 11 subspecies of Corvus Macrorhynchos. Some of these subspecies are distinctive vocally, morphologically and...


What Smells Fishy?

Once found only along the Southeastern coast of the United States, fish crows have spread north. They've also moved inland, chowing down on a half-eaten Filet-o-Fish as well as a beached red snapper. Robert Miller of writes,"I hear it when I walk across The News-Times parking lot on the way into work in the morning -- a sort of sneezy nasal caw, like a crow with adenoid problems...