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The Chimney Cleaners – Jackdaws on the Roof

Both in the air and on the ground there is an irrepressible jauntiness about jackdaw movements. Yet perhaps the most useful distinguishing feature of this intensely sociable bird is its voice. The full range of calls is complex, although the best known is a monosyllabic, almost dog-like yap, of which the first part of the name is descriptive. Jackdaws make another loud, resonant alarm note, an almost...


Artist Craww Caws About New Prints

Influenced by pretty things in dark places, nasty things masquerading in beauty, hidden stories and happy accidents, Craww is a natural born artist with roots in the graphic design world.  Self-taught and a habitual doodler, Craww draws inspiration from daydreams, music, comics, nature, gin and fine wines.  Mixing traditional paint, digital elements, pencil, paint, and ink, he aims to bring his twisted vision to life with...


The Solitude of Ravens by Masahisa Fukase

The Solitude of Ravens was Masahisa Fukase's last work before he plunged into a coma. This is a monumental and pivotal work in the history of fine art photography. Words can never suffice for these emotional photographs.  Fukase is considered to be both a legend and an enigma in his native Japan and for a culture that is traditionally reluctant to expose emotion in public, the expressionistic...


A Crow City – Deep Thoughts of a Bird Brain

A Crow City recently hopped up and lightly pecked us on the shoulder, blinked cutely, and began to twitter.  I instantly fell in love with its darkly funny narratives and snapshots of what I can only discern is the author.  After all, if crows can use tools, what is to stop them from figuring out photoshop? Below are some of our favorites! You can get your daily dose...


15 Silliest Crow, Magpie, & Jackdaw Photos

Throughout history, literature, and art, there is a frequent romanticism of Crows and Ravens that leaves little room for humor. There is certainly nothing funny about Rooks (just look at that mug!) and Ravens prefer to heckle than be heckled, but that doesn't count out the Corvid Clowns - Crows and Jackdaws, from providing us with several silly moments: A raven gives a hawk a hard time...


Beth Surdut Fine Feathered Art

Santa Fe artist and writer Beth Surdut has always lived by water — Hawaii, New England and Florida — and at first, Santa Fe didn't seem appealing. "It doesn't have an ocean," Surdut explained. But then she visited and "was completely interested and enchanted." The landscape and the ever-present ravens fascinated her the most, leading to her move here and the creation of a visual storytelling project called...


Aves Artist: Helen Janow Miqueo

Featuring bold, colorful, original modern & whimsical art, we bring you some giclee prints and abstract paintings by contemporary artist Helen Miqueo: “I have an incredible experience every time I take a brush in my hand. Every painting I do is Me with somebody else’s heart and soul. I see invisible seas, I smell the fragrance of distant flowers, and hear the sounds of mysterious lands. When...