10 Really Weird Crow Facts

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In our last top ten fact list about Crows we highlighted corvids from a scientific angle – they are intelligent, persistent, prolific, and hardy. In this list, we want to explore some of the stranger things about our favorite critter. Without further ado:

Crows living in suburban areas require only 10% of the nesting territory that crows living in in the wilderness do,  and are much more tolerant of range overlap. They also will build fake nests to fool predators.

Dubbed ‘Anting’ by John Marzluff, crows will crush an ant and rub it all over themselves like perfume! The Formic Acid in the ants helps ward off parasites.

Image of a Black Drongo 'Anting'

Pet crows give their owners names. This is identified by a unique sound they make around specific people that they would not otherwise make.

Female Crows mate for life, but males will cheat, which explains the next one:

Male crows have no penis.  Their sperm is transferred from their cloaca to the female cloaca and copulation only lasts 15 seconds. Its a wonder the females are so loyal!


Crows can count to six!

Crows sunbathe for Vitamin D.

Odin the Crow Sunbathing

Healthy crows help crippled crows but they have a dark side. Crows occasionally murder each other for reasons that mystify scientists.

Crows have been observed chasing sparrows into buildings in order to stun them. The result is sparrow for lunch. Don’t worry, they  pick on birds their own size – mobbing crows can seriously injure hawks.  Scientists suspect an eagle was even killed by mobbing crows.

Crows have been reported to eat over 1000 food items, including insects, worms, berries, birds eggs and nestlings, small mammals, bats, fish, snakes, frogs, salamanders, animal dung, grain, nuts, carrion, fried chicken, hamburgers, Chinese food, french fries, and human vomit. They can be weirdly picky though – an experiment showed crows prefer French fries in a McDonald’s bag over those in a brown paper bag. To top it off, a nestling can eat 100 grasshoppers in 3 hours.

Crow With French Fry

Crow with a French Fry By Richard Brayton


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  3. For a feww months now I seem to be making friends with some CRAZY LARGE crows. They also have who I believe to be a hawk as a friend. (I now- not supposed to happen). Have been seen so much that we named crows Mike and Molly and the hawk (seen less often) Elliott. Mike and Molly seem to come hang out around where they can see me (I occassionaly work at home), AND I believe they have changed some of their squaking to a different type of almost gurgling-kind of cooing? They are constantly breaking branches and pine combs and throwing to the ground. I wish I could attach photo’s- been posting these guys to FB as they are such an unlikely threesome.

    • The crows in our garden are dding exactly the same – breaking off hundreds of branches and twigs from the trees and throwing them on the ground – if one picks them up and leave them in a heap, they fly down and scatter them round. Does anyone know the reason for this??

      • Speculation: Bait for ants? More ants if spread.

        Or something subtle like that.

  4. There was a loud crow calling that woke me up this morning. Several were circling outside making cries I have never heard them make before it sounded like distress. Later in the day I went outside and there was a very large dead crow on the lawn. He was laying on his back no distress noted like from an attack just laying there. I don’t know if he died and they were upset or what. But their behavior was very different being they live here all the time and have never acted like this.

    • Crows mourn their dead — my guess is that you were witnessing that poor bird’s funeral rites.

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  6. We had a nesting pair of what looked like young, healthy crows outside our bedroom window in their newly built nest. I think I’d seen 3 healthy chicks and they double in size in a week. At 6am this morning, there was huge squawking and we’d found out in the am that 2 of the chicks were on the ground dead. It sounded and looked like they were killed, and maybe not for food, by other crow(s). I’m curious as to why and for what reason? Sad to not see them grow up as my 23month and 10 year old were watching with anticipation.

    • Did you find out what/who killed the babies? Did the third one survive? It is very sad, but it is also a lesson for young ones on the harshness of nature.

  7. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I would not have ever thought it was true.
    As I sat drinking my coffee, on this beautiful quiet morning out on the deck, I began to hear the commotion of a large number of crows. I assumed that it might be a cat or other critter that the crows were upset with and trying to dissuade. As they got closer I could see them through the trees and brush and they were definitely perturbed and pursing something. That something came into the back yard from the underbrush and was immediately attacked by the group. It was another CROW! Yes they were indeed trying to “KILL” it. They attacked it viciously! It was disturbing!
    The victim was most definitely injured and made a futile attempt to defend itself by trying to hide under brush but they continued to attack. They chased it into the next yard and as they moved away you could hear them continue their rampage. It only lasted a short time, 3 minutes perhaps, and all went quiet again.
    My view of crows is changed forever!

    • They are very much like humans.

  8. Too many comments to read so you may already know this. We had, unusually, almost 5 weeks of dry weather. After a few, a carrion crow appeared every day at my pedestal water dish, gathered up all the bread he could find (I feed all birds) and soaked it thoroughly in the water before flying off with it.. This around nesting time for most birds. Couple of times, I also found small bird feet at the end of the water and wondered if he had sicked them up”. Also would he/she take the soggy bread to offspring?

    • We had a family with a helper or two feeding a fledgling in our suburban backyard. I had decided to bring out a little food because the fledgling was so noisy. A few days later the village cut down some trees nearby and I haven’t seen or heard them again. Could they have been hurt in the tree or wold they just be lying low?

    • I’ve been feeding a large crow I call Joe, every day for 2-3 years. I put food on my deck rail & he (she?) would fly over & eat it. I always say the same thing to him as a sort of training mechanism: “Hello, Joe. Whattaya know?” Over a few months, I was able to get Joe to stay perched on the rail while I put the food out. Now I can go outside & yell “Joe!” and he’ll fly down for his food! He’s a fine bird, & I always tell him so! In the spring he comes around with a noisy mate, & Joe will often allow the mate to eat 1st. His fave food is cat kibble, but will eat anything except veggies. In hot dry weather, when water is hard to come by, I put out hunks of watermelon, & he LOVES it!
      We also have raccoon families who come begging, & Joe sounds an alarm cry when the coons show up in the daytime.
      Crows are SO smart & fascinating!

      • Raccoons out in the middle of the day? They are nocturnal. Beware of rabies. That is the ONLY time Ive seen 1 in broad day light is when they are rabid. .Opossums, skunks etc.

  9. Thnk you for all the interesting even fascinating comments,I’ve learned a lot, and I thought I knew crows!I read every comment +it took ages!
    But now I’m going out to feed my neighbourhood crows, I feed regular birds out back, and crows wait on the wires over the road for a y sight of us
    A small family of crows hunts ants and bugs and worms on our yard…the crows are incredibly scitish…I’ve been feeding them most of a year, but they fly away if I open the door. But they sure do come in for the grub…they fly to within 15 feet, then walk in from there so we can’t see ten from the house.SMART indeed;

    • I know it’s kinda rare,but I watched a crow take down an adult pigeon and pecked it to death until it was dead. From that point he feasted on the adult pigeon. Witnessed the entire event.

      • Just today at our shop in Santa Barbara I saw on of the wild American Crows I feed kill a California Towhee! I regularly feed the local birds wild bird seed and unsalted peanuts. We get the House Sparrows, Scrub Jays and Crows, which are my favorite, at the shop on a regular basis. I’ve been noticing a crow make swoops at the Sparrows and Jay on occasion when I put out peanuts. The Towhee is newer to the group of birds that show up for the seed. Well, I guess the crow had it with everyone getting in on its peanut feast. I heard an unusual type of cawing coming from the crows, looked up and saw one had a Towhee in it’s beak! It was flying about 4 feet above the ground, holding it by it’s neck. The crow swooped downward, landed with the Towhee and started pecking at it while it chirped away. The crow picked it back up by its head and dropped it about 10 feet off the ground. The Towhee clearly stunned and still. I started to walk towards it when the crow swooped back down, picked it up and flew quickly towards and upward of the the building next door. The crow released it slamming the little bird right into the wall!! The poor Towhee was bounced right off the wall and landed on the pavement presumably dead. Well, the crow landed on it, stepped on it with its one foot and proceeded to peck it to death as it chirp it’s last chirp. A few moments later it was pulling the feathers off and who knows; I had seen enough! In the year I’ve been feeding my little murder of crows have I ever seen such a thing before. Later that day a crow also made a pass at the Scrub Jay that frequents our shop. It seems like a battle for territory is happening at our shop and the strong will survive. The Jay comes inside at times so maybe it will be safe……for now! I can’t help but wonder if it is a territory issue or just in the nature of the crow to kill other birds. It’s interesting.

      • This is why they get the name, “A Murder Of Crows!!” But they and thier counterpart the Raven are surely fascinating birds! Also a great way to tell a Raven from a Crow, is the Crow has a curved beak that meets at the beak tip. Refer to the above photo! Also in my experience that Crows flock together in much larger groups than Ravens, and are slightly smaller than thier counterparts!

  10. I have a question if someone could be a true scholar and answer. I recently attract crows to my backyard pond area using calls and some peanuts (unshelled). I noticed that their were a couple of crows interested so I build a makeshift platform feeder out of an old desk shelf and screwed it into a tree near the pond. The crows took a bit to figure it out but they found a way in and eat the peanuts and dog food I put out for them. The only issue I have is that it seems to be the same two crows returning and the only ones eating and they are pretty silent so I believe they are not sharing with others. Even if I do call more crows in they seem to just fly over and miss the feed completely. One time I had lots of crows and even some Ravens in the area and the two seemed to defend the area and attack the others. Is there any way to prevent this or any reason for this? Maybe they are nearing nearby? I’m putting quite a bit of food in it so I don’t want to just have the two crows in it. I was thinking about putting a decoy but I think the crows in there already might take that as an insult or they might get angry seeing as they try to keep others away. Any help would be much appreciated and I would still be happy with the two if that what it comes down to.

    • Did you get any answers to your question. I love crows and would enjoy feeding them. I wish I could be friend a young crow. Love it yet let it be with its main family.

      • I rescued a young crow and fed it for some weeks. Now ‘Horace’ lives in our yard and calls for food. I want to know if it’s a male or female. He isn’t friendly, still a wild bird.

    • I watched a documentary on Ravens and Crows and they both are extremely intelligent and they will have hoarding tendency’s and they will take as much good as they can get thier beaks on! They will take it and hide it and keep coming back for all you will provide and even forget where they hide it all! I have problems with my Hummingbirds being territorial and I set up multiple feeding stations as far apart as possible so that others have a chance! I also saw where they recognize people and even attack people solely on thier looks! Quite the character’s!!! Enjoy!!

    • My guess is that they have claimed that territory for their own perhaps even before you started feeding them it has probably been in their family for a generation or two naturally they’re going to defend it and you’ll never get other crows coming there without a fight unless they sneak to grab a bite and the territory owners don’t see them. And even if there were no crows the territory would get snapped up by other crows finding it and the same problem would occur. Crows are territorial and very intelligent. It’s fascinating watching them.

    • They are very territorial. Good news, though. I had the same thing in my yard…just two. I named them Allie and PoePoe. (Allie was the first one and I didnt know her sex so for Alfred Hitchcock, I settled with Allie. And PoePoe for the other cause he looked like a Raven.) Anyway, one day they showed up with 3 fledglings they were teaching and feeding. Now they always bring Manny,Moe and Jack into the yard and feed them at a distance

  11. I reached your website researching cannibal crows. I have just this moment witnessed two crows eating a dead crow. I’m assuming they killed it. I live in a seaside town and there is always plentiful food around as the countryside is very close. The crows regularly have quarrels with seagulls but it never seems to end in death – unfortunately as the seagull are a big messy menace.

    • Crazy. I just witnessed the same thing. I love st the beach and two crows were setting another one. Never saw that before

      • I am very foxed by what I saw too. This is in India. A few months back I saw two crows eat a dead ‘bird’ which on closer inspection turned out to be another crow. Though shocked. as I have long association with crows and admire and respect their intellect and social./parental life, I merely presumed they must be feeding on a dead bird they found. While that itself was disconcerting at one level, as I have read crows live in big social circles in an area, are territorial, recognize each other,. help other crows in distress and even investigate/mourn the dead, I simply thought they were possibly feeding on a dead stranger and eased my mind about it.

        Today I saw two crows again eat another crow and the signs of a ferocious battle to death was all over…with plucked feathers all over the place,. It was very apparent the pair have killed another crow and eating it now. I videotaped some part of the eating,., but left the place as it was really very shocking.

        I am also researching on cannibal crows now…and is rather shocked to know that these dear birds have such a side to them.

        Anybody has any explanation???

  12. i have crows in my suburban neighborhood that i have been trying to make friends with for years. they used to gather in a big tree on the street behind mine. i would walk to that tree and chitter chatter to them. now, they gather in the giant tree in front of my home. and every day at 11 a.m. they call to me. it is amazing.. several of them call, and i can hear them communicating with other crows on other streets. i leave a bit of food for them, high protein as well as berries. they won’t come down if i stay there, but once i go inside they come and eat. they have started gathering on the fence that borders my home, and i love when they hang out and watch me in my dining room from the fence. they also seem to sing with me when i play violin or piano. it is so magical and i look forward to seeing them every day.

    • Emily the crows, and bluejays too, really love(non-salted) peanuts in the shell.

    • I love what you had to say. As a teen back in the ’60’s, someone gave me a very young crow. I kept it till it was hit by a truck. Broke my. Heart. The baby crow would allow me to bath it. It would sit in a large rabbit pallet dish, full of water. I would scoop up the water and placed the water on its Bach. Also he’d let me wash his bill. During all this, he’d close his eyes. You could tell he loved it. We could hear him laugh like a man and Bark like a dog. He was so much fun. In Iowa, you can kill them but you can’t love them. That isn’t right. The make great pets. I trimmed the baby crows wings and let him go free. That way he could be with other crows if some came around. Wish I could have an injured crow that cannot be released to the wild.

  13. Hi, there is a baby crow sleeping in my roof. Everynight he comes and stayed there, but now is very cold and he didn’t do any nest, he sleep in a hole in the roof. Do you think that I can help him making a nest for him?

    • yes u can

    • totes

  14. As a Wildlife Biologist in the U.S. I can assure everyone that it is illegal to have a wild native migratory bird as a pet without a special permit from state or federal regulatory authorities (Migratory Bird Treaty Act, 1916). Crows imprint on people especially well and so it is important not to feed them. When I worked at a Wildlife Rehab Center birds including crows would be brought in all the time that were kept as pets and we would have to teach them how to be “birds” again so that they could be released into the wild. So I implore people not to take wild birds in as pets. Please obtain the proper permits if you want to rehab an injured bird or take it to a permitted Avian rehabber near you or to a Wildlife shelter.

  15. My husband and I are the proud pets of an 11 year old black crow. I found him/her when he was an infant by the side of the road in Richmond, BC Canada. So young that he didn’t know how to stand yet. From having rescued a teenaged crow the year before and obtaining advice from the OWL Society in Delta on care, I knew to use dry dog food soaked for awhile until crumbly. Easiest thing in the world to feed a baby crow with your fingers, their mouths are constantly open! Was hopeful that with time and care that Chico would fly off one day as a real bird. Alas it was not to be. He tried and tried, jumping off my shoulder and flapping his little brains out. Thump! Hitting the floor. Over time all he was doing was bending and breaking his tail feathers so he would pull out the affected ones. After months they stopped growing back and now he just walks around with a naked little bum. He lives inside in a parrot cage open at the top and rules the house, the cats, us and the neighbourhood.

    Although his cage bowls hold dry dog food and water, his diet includes everything he can stuff in his face. Eggs are a top favourite although he almost turns inside out when we take the cheese out of the fridge. He eats whatever we eat as his “gimme some” caw is not to be denied. Sweet as heck but a bit of a brat when food is involved. You might as well get up and give him some because he is not going to shut up until you do. When he comes outside the house he loves to eat ants. We have a bit of a pavement ant problem and he will stand there and just gobble them up. Within a minute of starting he looks up at me and his face is just covered in ants, with dozens sticking out between his beak.

    As I said, he cannot fly and prefers to drive. Growing up he sat on my shoulder when I drove kids to and from school, but as he grew and developed his sweet personality with a touch of bratty kid, he decided that standing on the steering wheel was preferable. With wings spread as wide as possible, of course. At that point we got a travel bird cage for him that we put a thick branch across the inside and he was able to ride in style. His favourite hobbies include camping (for real), calling to the neighbourhood crows he chats with, eating some of what you have, trying to entice the cats to smack him in the back so that he can retaliate with a strong strike from his beak. On one of the comments I read here a gal was asking why a crow would thud at the wooden perch. Wild crows keep their beaks (and claws) at a nice trim length by using it all the time and wearing it down on wood or stones is one way. Our sweet black chicken (we’ve got lots of goofy names for him) gets his beak and claws trimmed by daddy with nailclippers. He loves his daddy that’s for sure. Morning and night he must have his kisses and cuddles with daddy or he will yell his displeasure.

    Another post mentioned the sunbathing position when a crow is soaking up vitamin d. We call it his sun geek position. They spread their wings, crouch low with their rears pushed out, extend their neck and cock their heads at the sun with their mouths open and tongue visible. The eye facing up to the sun never blinks as they are also keeping their eyes peeled for predators. Speaking of blinking, crows have two lidded eyes. Black feathered one on the outside and an inner white membrane. When Chico is being sweet and cooey, he hangs his head and looks at his feet but brings down the white inner lid and flutters it while saying “ohhh hoo hoe” like you would “awww” at a cute baby.

    Wild animals should not be pets. We were extremely fortunate to develop a close loving relationship with our bundle of joy but I would have preferred that he was able to fly free. I have learned that crow parents have 3 eggs and natural selection usually means that 2 make it full term. If 3 survive the first days they then select the runt and push it out as they cannot feed that many. It is up to fate at that point. We all know that crows will swoop down to protect a denested baby from predators and give it a chance to grow and fly, but if they do not try to attack it means there is something wrong with it and it would not thrive. It is true that their intelligence is unparalleled, their affection is hard won, they NEVER forget a kindness nor cruelty and they are the biggest gossips the world has ever known. If you are lucky enough to have a crow friend in your life rejoice.

    • Aww you are so fortunate. Would love to have such a relationship.

    • Thank you for sharing your story! A great read.

    • Cutest story ever!!

    • I saw a crow in my yard so thin it looked like it hadnt eaten for a bit well no it comes and caws to bring it food its small mabey year or so old ive seen the other crows in my area prevent it from eating and it makes the most pittiful sound three or four bigger attack it it trys to get away and as soon as i go out on my porch it heads to my fence it sits mabey two feet away but the others wont approach it if im out they fly away does any one know why

    • What a wonderful life family/murder he has. Loved reading this, thankyou

    • I have a year old crow (nursed it due to haze both eye was hardened) now and he can fly but lately he mix with his pack and in and out of my house and
      went missing for a day…came back tired and dirty…gave a bath and he sat on the tree branch outside my house (normally he would be in my porch) …beginning to see some changes as he does want me to hold it. I am a bit sad my crow might leave me but worried he may not be able to survive . Hope you can give me some info.

    • How wonderful this is. Strange, is it legal to keep crows as pets in Canada? In the US you would have to give to recuse authorities or obtain a special rescue permit yourself. Whatever the case, you and the crow are both fortunate to have found each other!

    • I saw a crow killing another crow in my local park yesterday morning as I walked my dog. The injured crow lay on it’s back with wings splayed as the attacking crow stood on top of it’s chest pecking at it’s throat. As I approached, the attacker flew up into a tree and squawked angrily at me, as about 4 or 5 other crows on another branch also sqauwked excitedly. I turned the injured crow over onto it’s front to see it he could maybe stand up or fly, but he lay face down making a low sqawk, his beak opening and closing. I walked away, and the attacking crow flew back down to stand on top of the dying crow and continue pecking at the neck and head. Horrible thing to witness, i was really shocked. Nature is cruel.

    • Your pet crow get thumping and messing up his tail feathers prob bc he hit hard floor. They’re supposed to learn to fly in the wild which typically has grass or shrubbery which breaks the fall and lessens the impact. Did you let it try to learn to fly outside?

    • What a wonderful story it is!

    • So interesting! Acriw is building it’s nest on my balcony amidst my flower pots. It’s really interesting how they go about it

    • We rescued a crow 6 years ago as an infant. I wanted to keep him wild so I could release him. At 2 years we let him go and the other crows tried to kill him.He owns our dining room and is best friends with our wolf! He does harass her by stealing her treats and rawhide chews! He is a great watch crow. If a strange animal comes around especially at note he has a warning scream that doesn’t t stop until you investigate. Sometimes people too! He is smart and funNY and better than TV. I only wish he could be free or tame if not.we struggle to clip his nails but do it every month. I also think Carl is a girl.His not afraid of. the full grown rescue cats we bring in either! We love him but wish he could go outside

      • Crow and a Wolf?
        Very cool!

      • Did you get any answers to your question. I love crows and would enjoy feeding them. I wish I could be friend a young crow. Love it yet let it be with its main family. Had one as a teen back in the 60’s. It was one of the best experiences with a pet I’ve ever had. If any one out there has a young crow that can’t be released to the wild, I’d love to care for it. I’m a grandma and have no pets now. I live on 40 acres. Right in the middle! Trimmed wings would allow him to interact with other crows, if they would except him. Otherwise, I have a sun room to let him own.

    • Thank you so much for your story…

    • Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Well today after leaving work stopping at 7/11 and heading to the dog park in new west Dunky noticed some people trying to untangle a crow from a tree
    I stopped and said go climb the tree and help he said no it will peck me to death
    So I pulled the car over and said park the car stay with the dogs
    Off I went asking the man and woman what was wrong
    They said its tangled on some thing
    So I told the man please give me a boost
    He helped boost me up so I could get into the tree
    At first the crow pecked at me while hanging and flapping upside down
    Then I gently reached up and held him as I’ve been taught to hold birds
    He instantly stopped fighting and relaxed I talked to him gently and untangled the fishing line that was wrapped in a branch and all around his right foot
    I had to bite the line to break it and literally untie his little foot
    After getting that dealt with I kissed him on the head and massaged his leg and foot he would not put any weight on it or grip the branch with it at all
    it was loose and unresponsive to my touch I was worried it was broken or the circulation was gone to long and had died but when I gently pulled his other leg off the branch he immediately gripped my finger with the right foot that he would not move
    I was so happy he just needed it to rest and recirculate
    I opened my hands and he opened his wings and flew away
    The entire time the other crows were yelling at me but not once did they attack me
    They trusted me and for that I am very grateful
    I finally got to hold a crow and even kiss it but the most exciting thing is I got to rescue this beautiful birdie
    That’s west Van not new west
    And a few people gathered around and watched I forgot there was people when I was talking to it and massaging his leg and foot and when I kissed him then I heard some one say look at that he’s not even worried he let her kiss him
    They clapped when he flew away and were saying thank you
    It was so wierd

    • That was very good that you massaged his leg and foot and that you were not afraid to hold him, in spite of the pecking.
      One man in my park told me not to feed the crows with nuts. He thought they attack people?! He was a sour, bad person.
      Some people just cannot understand birds or what they really did but are afraid of them. I would have done the same, as I have had birds all my childhood. Crows are SO cute and such lovely creatures. I love them.

    • Whenever we used to go to the store, there would be crows around the parking lot. I would always feed them fries :3

    • That is wonderful !

    • I loved what you did!!!! Very proud of you!!!!

  17. Well i’m not too excited about this particular crow that for some reason won’t let me bathe my dog!! 😡. It just appears from nowhere anytime i’m about to bathe my dog outside on sunny days and it just gets so aggressive it freaks my dog and i out! I know it thinks i’m being a bully to my dog but its far from that. I wish there was a way to tell this crow to mind its business!!!!!! 😡

    • Oh this is a lovely story! My friend’s house has a tree where a crow has been living for years, and unless she walks with me all the way from the gate, to thedoor, the crazy thing will swoop at me. It’s pecked visitors before, but will leave us alone if her family is there. Maybe it’s trying to protect them like a birdie guard dog.

  18. i like black crow

  19. Can all crows talk??????

    • Its been one month for me now! A baby crow somehow fell out of her nest 30 feet up and was walking around my front yard for a couple of days until I realized it was not getting fed and lots of cats around. I picked it (Grumpy) up with rubber gloves on first just to make sure Grumpy wasn’t diseased or full of bugs. Anyways, fed it dog food soaked in water. Grumpy is very Happy, loves my micro tea cup black Chihuahua. She does not leave my yard. Flies a little, not much. Grumpy seems very happy and I will continue to talk care of Grumpy. And Grumpy follows my dog all over the yard as if it was a dog!
      And they both sit on my lap together! I was a little worried at first but I did not trap Grumpy to stay with us, it chose to stay. It also tries to run in my house and hangs in the garage with my husband!

      • You are so fortunate! I have to say I’m a little jealous! I feed a family of crows and have watched their youngest grow up but they won’t get very close to me except when the baby was learning to fly; he couldn’t get up and go for a few mins.
        My grandfather had a pet crow, like yours, growing up on a farm. His crow just loved to hang around people but they never caged it or forced it to stay.
        I love crows. They are fascinating!!!

      • Just read your post. Wondering if Grumpy is still lodging with you? I ask because two days ago a young crow tapped on my window and allows me to feed him by hand. Very friendly. He comes and goes. I live in Dublin.

    • I love your crow page – finding out so many useful things. There’s a great documentary on YouTube call A Murder of Crows. I have always loved crows, and they have always been nearby. I live in a forest and one day my daughter and I saw crows struggling to be near and protect a yearling. We could see she was hurt – our first thought was there was a hawk nearby that had done the damage. But, it turns out someone had shot it with a BB gun and shattered a bone it its wing and nicked its throat. I made some calls and found an underground vet who would X-ray it and see what we could do. Where I live it is illegal to keep wildlife and you must turn all wildlife over to organise that will just out the animals down. I couldn’t bear to do this, so I drove a few hundred miles away and I met with a woman in an underground crow community, she has helped injured crows for decades and has a few as pets for more than 20 years! Well she kept it for a few months and nursed her back to health. Her house is kind of quiet and mine is not. I got a large cage for both indoor and outdoor so she could see her crow family again – we have a murder of more than 200 crows that still comes every day to see where she is – they saw her come into the house but never leave. The BB did something to her vocal chords so she can’t call back to them, but is in a window so she can see them. She has only been home a few days, her wing permanently droops. Perhaps I can find someone who can do a higher level of surgery on her, and can get her a partial 3-d prothsteic like me dog has. She is a wonderful little crow and we’re getting used to each other. She keeps hitting her beak hard against the wooden dowel she sits on. Does anyone know what this means? She also likes watching videos, so I have a big screen computer screen for her to watch movies on. Love your page! The moderator needs to start blocking some people if possible. What could be a great community keeps getting hijacked. It’s okay to block people when they’re idiots – no one will miss them and we can get down to the business of writing about crows and ravens.

    • I used to believe that Magpies mate for life too. For several years, we have enjoyed the friendship of a male magpie and his partner, and of course their babies. A few days ago, he seemed to be “saying goodbye”, something was wrong. The next day, a younger male was making territorial and wooing calls, our friend had to compete for the attention of his partner of many years. He was clearly extremely distraught. The female partner now sits on our friend’s favourite garden chair and demands food, while her new mate makes weird noises from below. I never saw them chase our friend, so I don’t know what really happened. There is no sign of our friend, even on adjoining properties. Oh, and Magpies try to “talk” too, if you talk to them. They even bring little presents. A wichety grub (yukk – I had to pretend to be very pleased) It’s thee gesture that counts… We miss our friend so much, he was like family.

    • Yes thay can talk I

    • Yes, crows can talk. Someone gave me a baby crow long ago. I bathed ir and just loved that bird. But discovered that there was a dog barking out back, and a man laughing. Finally realized it was the baby crow!!!! He did this on his own. Sadly he was hit by a truck and killed. I would love a crow again. I’m a grandma now and could take in an injured crow. We have a perfect spot for caring for one. Live on 40 acres, right in the middle!!!! Feel free to contact me, anyone out there. I live in Iowa. Here you can kill crows but you can’t love one. Wonder what government person that up!!!!

  20. Today i saw a big cat fighting with a smaller cat and the smaller cat was clearly in trouble. There were few crows watching the fight and making loud noises and sometimes a crow came down and pecked the big cats tail and they kept annoying the big cat.this lasted for a while till the big cat gave up and went then immediatly crows left.it was like the crows were trying to save the small cat. Truly astonishing.
    Anyone know the reason behind this behaviour?
    I live in Iran.we have bunch of black & white crows in our neighbourhood.

    • Corvids are extremely intelligent animals, they have problem solving intelligence, tool making intelligence, and aside from humans and apes, are the only animals that have the intelligence to make specific tools in order to make a tool, they have verbal communication that is as complex and equally efficient relaying information as talking is for humans! From what you observed I would say the birds were juveniles, and juvenile corvids are just like juvenile humans, they were prolly just amusing themselves, a pack of juvenile corvids is as bothersome and troublesome as a pack of 15 year old boys looking for trouble! You should check out some video’s on YouTube regarding the intelligence of corvids, it is amazing their level of intelligence, but also can be creepy, I have one as a pet, I’ve had him for almost 11 years now, and no exaggeration at all, he understands everything I say to him, he can count to 6, he can change the tv channel up or down if I ask him too, same with volume, knows colors, can read my facial expressions, can tell when I’m being sarcastic or serious, he likes some of my friends, hates others, shows off In front of ladies when they come over……..it’s goes on and on! You really should look into it, their amazing animals

      • I am envious I have a group of crows I’ve been feeding foe a few years and would love to have one as a pet. One in particular is a regular he’s fat and I call him Heckle. I try to close to him but he takes off if I get close . Would love any advice on how to capture his heart

      • I would love one as a pet too!!! Loved your story. You are so lucky!!!!

    • Now that is interesting as just today I saw a group of crows brutally attack a younger crow. It was horrible and made them seem like bullies. Maybe their behaviour differs from one crow to the other??

    • the tail pecking is to keep the cats fighting. crows do this all the time. i don’t know how it works, but the way it plays out is, crows peck at 2 cats tails and then the cats start fighting eachother

    • Crows are also able to show compassion, as well as darker sides, not only to other crows.

      They also have aesthetic or other values (not only due to them picking aesthetic gifts for people)
      but there is a bias towards children and women to be more giftful in a relationship between crows and human.

      Crows also have a lot of joy in teasing larger animals (bound dogs, etc)
      but due to personal experiences and other things, it’s very likely to me that they would identify a situation between a large and a small animal of the same genus as “unfair” due to personal experience and relationships (from feeding, pecking order, familial things)

      It is also possible to pit murders of crows against each other (if you’re an assole, by being a dick towards murder of crow A far far away from murder of crow B which you feed everyday)

      there were extensive testing over if crows can hold grudges, how well they can share such information and how well theyu can remember faces

      they hold grudges, extremely long and even communicate them, on a level that requires language (crows even give people and things names) and they’re perfectlu able to remember people’s faces and even communicate attributes of these.

  21. Hey there,
    For the past few years we have had a large family of crows that comes to nest in our pine trees.
    They are back again, and I wanted to see if I would be able to feed them and perhaps make friends with them. I know my mother feeds the squirrels, and we do have a bird feeder, but I don’t believe it’s big enough to support the crows. What can I feed them? Do I just leave food at the bottom of a tree? Are they in danger from my cat?
    Will they attack my guinea pigs when they are outside?

    • You can feed em meat of any kind if ya want, and you might get a big male to be less sketchy around you, but don’t expect him to sit on your shoulder while you plowing your fields, especially if it’s an entire murder of crows, but as soon as you gain ones trust atleast enough to know your not a threat at all, he’ll tell the rest of em, but do not ever mess with them to where they view you as a threat, not even a single one, cause they tell the others! A real good way to get in tight with em is to help them ward of other animals when you see they are, do that and you’ll have friends for as long as they live. And even after! What I’m saying is they talk just like humans do, they tell their friends like humans do, they appreciate,retaliate, remember, and everything just like we do! But remember they are wild and an highly intelligent wild animal is the very hardest to be accepted by, but if you can be, you’ll have security birds on your property that will alert you, even protect you , I have an 11 year old pet, I found him when he was really really young, his brothers and sisters were killed and eaten and he fell from the nest when the others were eaten, and he’ s the best pet I’ve ever had,hands down! It’s amazing how intelligent they are, I listed some of the things he does on this page, check it out!

      • Hi, i have been feeding a family of hooded crows for the last 5 months.one of them when it comes to eat and i talk to it seems to freeze and look down at its feet, it looks very funny. do you know why it would do this every time i talk ? 🙂

      • If you want to have crows come to your house to feed, try melting suet, a jar of peanut butter and mix in wild bird seeds. Throw it out, they will love it. Don’t let your dog eat this. It will give LOOSE stools. I did this crow feeding for several years. They would start cawing up in the trees across the street from us. They are just so smart. They truly told me they were back. Our city gets hundreds of crows every year. They can even pass the information to there young. There has been a lot of new studies done on crows. Really intelligent bird!

    • Hi Our 2 rooks seem to eat most things, they particularly love cooked chicken , raw mince and bread but as they are getting older seem to be keen to try new foods from our table. We also have a guinea pig but would never put them together as they do want to peck her, some pecks look like play but other times it doesn’t. I worry they could peck the Guinea pigs eyes or damage an internal organ. Guinea pigs are so soft and vulnerable I wouldn’t chance it! hope that helps.

    • your cat is more in danger of crows than otherwise, there is a reason you never see cats prey on corvidae but only an song birds and juveniles that can’t fly.
      On the other hand, if your cat tried to fuck with any of the crows, it could lead to a murder of crows trying to kill your cat, but believe me cats are not that stupid, it’s also probably in their genes not to fuck with corvidae or birds of prey.

      • Sunny, I feed crows everyday, peanuts, hard boiled eggs, bread etc. There’s usually 15 to 30 crows feeding in my yard. One day as I was sitting by the kitchen window watching them feed a giant cat came out of nowhere all of a sudden and plucked up one of the crows in his mouth. The crow fought hard and I got up and ran out the door, but by the time I got out there the crow had freed himself from the cat’s jaws. Talk about noise, the crows were the loudest chorus of squawking that you’d ever hear!

    • Hi
      I have 3 crows visit me daily. I call them using the same whistle and leave unsalted money nuts for them on my wall so out of the way of any neighbors cats. . It didn’t take long for them to trust me and one even follows me to work. I wouldn’t worry to much about cats, my cat tried to stalk one of my visitors and end up getting a kick up the arse, she’s not bothered them since.

  22. I have two crows who come every morning for a bath in my dogs water bowl, which gets filled up at 6 every morning by the watering system, could not understand where all the water was going till I saw them. Then they wait on the roof top until I come out to feed them, shouting when I open the door.

    • That is very nice of you.

    • Today my dog ran at a crow, it trapped it in the corner . The crow rolled over on its back and gave up. I kept the dog from biting it or hurting it. The crow just layed there on his back looking at me. I walked right up to,it, flipped it over and it took off

  23. lately i have been be-freinded by a crow (we named Russell), whenever he spots me he approaches, and even stares through the windows.
    this morning a fledgling fell in a neighbours garden, and was harassed by dogs, of course mum and dad dive bombed and attacked any body in close proximity. I (bravely!) decided to take the bird and place it in a secure area where the parents could look after their baby, strangely enough the birds let me take the fledgling all the way down the road to a safe tree. they followed quite patiently and with no sign of concern. are they really that clever that they single out a human as a non threat? they even popped over to my house a few minutes later to check what i was doing.

    • hatsoff! Is the crow fine now ??

    • Your crows I believe may be Ravens, The Ravens get familiar with certain people that they can trust, you’ve been feeding them they trust you , you took care of there young, I also have lots of Ravens and Crows that meet me in the park, for a few bits of food, Also like you they wait on my roof for breakfast every morning, They are very intelligent, and smart, and of course represent a spirit.

    • Crows communicate amongst their flocks about friendly stuff, and flock-to-flock to set territory, or even to temporarily pass through territory (think of street gangs and you’ll know what I mean). If you befriended one, then its flock likely knew you were in the to-be-watched-but-likely-not-dangerous category, so kept a close eye on you and let you be so long as what you did did not seem dangerous to their child.

  24. Crows nest in a tall pine tree behind my house, and they often mob a red-tailed hawk that frequents the area. The other day the hawk penetrated the crows defenses, and got to the nested fledgelings, while crows flew frantically above. The hawk was at the nest a long while, the peepings of the fledglings were silenced, and then the hawk was finally driven off. I’m not sure, but I think the baby crows were killed and/or eaten. Afterwards, I heard some of the strangest crow caws ever. The crows still seem to be around the tree, but they are not their usual raucous selves. Is anyone familiar with crow behavior or calls following an attack like this? Will they abandon the nest?

    • Hey there, I just thought you should know that crows, often when a member of their flock dies. They hold a sort of “Funeral” where they all gather in the tree and make very loud and unusual noises. Often the group may leave the nesting home in order to find a new one because the death of the flock member was too much for some of the birds to handle. Some of the flock birds may leave in order to make a new home where others may stay a while and morn. Scientists don’t yet know if this “mourning” behavior is indeed the animal’s comprehension of a fallen comrade or simply investigating and making alert calls to seek out danger and warn others.

      • Emily Snelling: In addition to the funerals I have read that if a disaster occurs (as in several crows dying) crows will shun that area for a long time.

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  26. @Jacci, Jacci. Evolution means things evolve, things change. Dinosoars existed. Yes the Bing bang was how God, Elohim created everything. Yes the earth is very old. Scientist talk about creation. Well, creation must of come from a Creator. Atoms are eternal, because they are made from an eternal creator. I have prayed for healing from Yeshua, Jesus, and received it! God gave mankind free will, he doesn’t force us to believe in him or live him. He desires we believe and love him on our own

    • Wow, dor you think for yourself?

      • Wish you would all learn to spell, this is painful to read!

      • bruh, he made one spelling error

  27. After giving my neighborhood crows healthy snacks and water for about 5 years, one has been coming to my porch and following me everywhere. He has started talking in a strange melodious way. His head and beak point down and he makes a wonderful cooing sound. It says on this thread that they can talk like parrots- his vocalizations are very similar. What a treat for me to have this unique relationship with him.
    I have 5 old male cats sunning on the porch who watch and cackle at him but make no aggressive moves. The crow goes about his business in spite of everybody!

    • Great I too have a friend I call black robe his has followed me around barharbor and does a clucking when he sees me , rubs his beak on a branch then comes down , he once brushed against my head in a playful manner as he flew to his spot where I feed him , after leaving for a year he spotted me and remained close to me , they don’t forget!!

  28. My dada accidentally shot and killed a raven with a pellet gun. Other ravens witnessed the accident. Henceforth, any time my dad ventured into the backyard ,where the incident occurred, the other ravens would raise a fuss. Anybody else in the backyard was okay.

    • Why in the world would you kill a raven? Shame on your dad

      • Accidentally, he said “ACCIDENTALLY” which mean, he did not mean it so, it is not “shame” on his dad and as you can clearly read through the bad spelling and grammar, the raven’s got their revenge, so all is good in the bird world!

      • LULU, that is a horrible run-on sentence. I wish you would learn grammar before criticizing others.

      • you may be able to spell, however, quit criticising other people’s posts. As a firearms instructor, one must be sure what one is aiming at prior to pulling the trigger. Anyone who isn’t sure and pulls the trigger is a moron. Just because Craig wrote that it was “accidental” doesn’t make it so.

  29. I have seen jungle crows picking up long iron nails during their breeding time. Is it for nest building or there may b some different reason.

  30. greetings! I would like to know : there are 5 crows living in my area, they were always together.

    now I only see 3. are the other 2 nesting ?

    when the complex had the lawn treated did they get poisoned ?

    I am quite upset, they knew me from feeding them , eve n though they have known to be gross, I am very much attracted to them. very concerned, elizabeth

    • Hopefully nesting, that’s a good idea. Are you able to find out what the lawn was treated with? Then you could check to see if it’s harmful to birds. I totally get your concern – you made a connection, you care.
      And that’s nature, that’s life. Beings come and go, in and out of our life.

    • the two that left were likely the young crows, they stay with their parents for about two years, then move on to spending the day alone or with a possible mate. crow families will still find each other at night to roost together. the third crow with the parents is likely a babysitter. crows that haven’t mated will become part of a family with hatchlings in order to help feed and teach the young ones. your right to be fascinated by them, crows are highly intelligent and deserve our respect

      • I live in Lander Wyoming. We have had a family of five crows living in our trees. They nested here and have been here for several months. I got very friendly with one of the young crows. I left food and coins for him and he left me a perfect feather. So we were exchanging gifts. He would hop down the fence to see me when I took my little dog for s walk. My do would bark at him but it never end bortherd him. It never let me pet it but would come up to an inch away from my out stretched hand. He would fly down to the fence when he saw me coming. The parents seemed a bit more timid….but one time when I walked down to the end of the lane the young crow wasn’t there then the parents let out a few caws and here it came almost like they told the young one his friend with the dog was here to see him. I was seeing all of them daily but for the last few days I haven’t seen any of them. Do you have any idea what might have happened to them?

    • Hi, I’m just getting to know crows myself but was wondering if any of your crows brought you any gifts? Hopes that your crows are nesting. And it sounds like crow is your totem since you’re so attracted to them.

      • I’ve been reading the comments posted. Some unnecessary hateful jibber jabber, but I have to point out that most are wonder personal experiences of something to do with crows. All of you, even the ones that posted something not pertaining to crows, all came here because of some sort of interest in crows. Whether it be a question or a story, they’re all a testament to one of Gods beautiful creations. The perfection of Gods perfection of creation. Anything God created is perfect to him and all of you that display an interest in the crow are demonstrating a appreciation for the beauty that God created. I find it wonderful to see these crow realated comments. God bless you all and thank you for the read!

  31. A number of times now I’ve heard a crow say mama. Lately he’s been clacking his beak simultaneously. Has anyone ever heard that before?

    • Crows can learn to speak like parrots so….you’re not crazy!

      • Good to know, KMM. Thought maybe it was my mother reincarnated!

    • Yeah I’ve heard them before because I have a pet crow 😊

      • So your pet crow say mama?

  32. Not sure whether they were a pair of crows or ravens, but they charged , pecked and tried to squeeze through the 2 inch open widow.. They were noisy and aggressive and kept this behaviour for several hours. We have lived here for over twenty years and have never seen any bird execute such behaviour at this window before.

    • Ravens have a ruffle of neck feathers, a shorter/blunter tail, a larger, thicker bill, are much larger than crows, and they make a “gronk gronk” noise not a caw. They also make a weird sound – “bloop-bloop-bloop” – like big water bubbles. My daughter and I heard ravens making this sound at Montmartre Cemetery in Paris, which is full of both ravens and crows. Ravens’ eyes are also a very deep shiny black, they glisten, whereas crows’ eyes can be more of a blackish-gray/duller black. The main discernible differences are their size and the ruffle of neck feathers. Oh, here’s a little trick…ravens can also fly upside down/bellies up (those crazy corvids, such lovable goofballs). I have been feeding a murder of 3 crows for several months now. They caw excitedly when they spot me on my apartment patio. I wave my arms to them to let them know it’s “Time to eat!” and they come swooping right over. After about 4 months of feeding them, they recently brought me my first love gift – a juicy red strawberry, which they left in the middle of my patio railing (4th floor), where I would be sure to see it. So sweet! I lay out a “birdie buffet” for them am and pm each day. They are crazy for whole wheat pasta – penne pasta or rigatoni (I cook it al dente so it’s still a bit chewy, they are so funny looking flying away with rigatoni hanging from their beaks); slices of cheese (they favorite is Sargento sharp cheddar (I give them only real cheese – not cheap “cheese product” junk); unsalted peanuts; cut-up low sodium hot dogs; and a daily handful of their VERY favorite “junk food” – low sodium Cheez-its. Crows are crazy for cheese of all kinds and over the moon for Cheez-its – but get LOW sodium. They will flip them up in the air and knock -em back, one after another. They are more like us than you’d like to think! 😉

      • Had a little chuckle at this post:) I am currently researching how to make a nice crow bath and feeding area for all the little lovelies in my neighborhood. This was helpful.

  33. My neighborhood crows like eating unsalted peanuts in the shell but if they are small and hard to crack they will soak them in mud puddles. The leader keeps one peanut uneaten and he will carry it in his mouth the next day to remind me that is what they want more of.

    • They are amazingly clever, aren’t they? I observe their behavior and interactions with each other every day on my patio. There is a new crow in the usual murder of “3 amigos” who visit me throughout the day. He appears to be a juvenile. His caw is different, kind of raspy, not a full out shrill caw, and he gets so excited when he sees the food I put out. The older crows seem to cater to him and patiently wait on my 4th floor patio railing watching the little one eat his fill from the bowl I put out for them on a bistro table. They don’t caw at him or heckle him to hurry up but just politely wait for the little guy to get what he wants – and he takes his time making his selections. He loves the cut up hot dogs most. When he is finally done and flies off with his beak full of rigatoni and cheese slices, then the older crows take their turns at the food bowl one by one. So much more civilized and polite than most humans at a buffet bar, where it’s every man for himself (!!)

      • I thought that feeding birds our junk food was not a good thing as it can affect the development of their offspring. At least in parrots. Feeding honey and bread causes parrot chicks to not develop flight fleathers as their parents and the chicks don’t get all the essential nutrients they need. Don’t know if it is the same for other birds.

  34. You have a racist commenting under the name (American)

    • Seriously we are here to talk about crows not put down other faiths or religion or race we are here to talk about animals and not put down other people we are all made from God we are all Divine let’s love one another and cherish and adore the beautiful animals he made for us

      • No one was made from God, everything exists because of evolution and random occurrences. If a god in fact exists and began it all, he is so powerful and ancient it would be illogical for him to have any interest in the human species, which has been proven to have only existed for 10k years or so. If God exists, he had a hell of a fun time with the Dinos, who existed over 250k years. People really need to grow up. If u truly believe in God, the next time you’re very very sick, do not seek medical attention or medication, which was perfected by the same science that opened our eyes to evolution. Pray to Jesus instead. See how fast you heal through faith alone. Idiots.

      • This site is about crows. Keep your personal religious opinions out of it.

  35. When I follow the “sunbathing” link, it says that this has been observed only once and offers no reason for it and no mention of “vitamin D”.

    • Well, crows are birds and our birds: chickens and ducks, sunbathe a lot!

      • I would imagine that many behaviours – and means to health – of wild animals are not so much different that our own. If humans derive vitamin D from exposure to the Sun, a Crow would too. And if it’s so that sunbathing in a thong begets a better dose of it, Crows have probably figured out the concept as well.

        Just a thought from an amateur Crow watcher.

    • @ Jacci.
      First, one should realize that Judaism has always been compatible with science. The medieval philosopher Maimonides wrote that seeming conflicts between science and the Bible arise from either a lack of scientific knowledge or a defective understanding of the Bible. Our Sages always viewed Torah knowledge in light of prevailing scientific theory.

      Maimonides wrote that science is one of the primary paths to knowing God, and for that reason the Bible commences with a description of the Creation.

      The Torah itself may hint to dinosaurs, as it says: “And God created the giant Tanin” (Genesis 1:21). What is a Tanin? In Exodus 7:10, when Moses throws down his staff before Pharaoh, it turns into a “Tanin,” translated as a “snake.” Thus a Tanin is in the reptile family. They are also the only creatures in the creation account referred to as “giant,” and indeed, reptiles were the largest creatures ever to walk the earth.

      What happened to these creatures? The Talmud (Baba Batra 74b) reports that God caused the extinction of the giant Tanin soon after their creation, because had the Tanin been fruitful and multiplied, the world would not have been able to endure before them.

      More explanation is put forth by Rabbi Yisrael Lifshitz (19th century author of the Tifferet Yisrael commentary on the Mishnah) who addresses the topic of dinosaurs in light of the discovery of a fossil of a wooly mammoth. He quotes the Talmud (Chagiga 13b) which states “there were 974 generations before Adam.” This suggests the existence of fossilized layers beneath the world in which we now live.

      • @ Jacci, Jacci. Evolution means things evolve, things change. Dinosoars existed. Yes the Bing bang was how God, Elohim created everything. Yes the earth is very old. Scientist talk about creation. Well, creation must of come from a Creator. Atoms are eternal, because they are made from an eternal creator. I have prayed for healing from Yeshua, Jesus, and received it! God gave mankind free will, he doesn’t force us to believe in him or live him. He desires we believe and love him on our own.

      • This is a CROW website/blog. Religion is a deeply personal matter and we are here to talk about corvids – not God, Buddha, Allah, aliens – whatever. You knucklehead religious fanatics – and atheists – need to stop using non-religious websites to spew your religious beliefs, evolution and other BS. Are you NUTS? The topic is CROWS – got it?

    • I just observed a blackbird doing exactly this in my garden today. Perhaps it’s for the same reasons?

    • Crows bring out all aspects of questions by humans they know more about us than we do of them

  36. I just wanted to share with everyone that out there a little over a year and a half of feeding are crows they are dancing more giving us thanks for the food we leave out for them the other day the father brought to berries and laid them down and flew away and then watched as I came out to get them from the tree it’s so amazing the relationships that you develop with the crows and how smart and beautiful they are now they are bringing their little juvenile 8 week old baby’s here it’s so beautiful to watch them

  37. Why does this crow follow my cat. The bird doesn’t try to hurt him at all just flys over and follows him everywhere. I watch this go on every day. It never swoops down to peck at him or anything like that. And my cat is all black to. I bring my cat inside to eat and the bird sits on the roof and waits for him to come out. My cat also knows he’s there. What is going on between these 2?

    • I am no expert but from what I have read crows do interact with other animals. Maybe the crow has a liking to the cat. I have saw similar stories online and u tube.

      • My 2 indoor cats have frequent “conversations” with the murder of 3 crows that visit our patio daily. The crows tilt their heads from side to side and “eye” the two cats with idle curiosity – then go about their business.

    • Crows are very protective in nature. So The Crows nest might be near to your house. So for the protection of its nestling that crow is keeping an eye on your cat.
      I remember the day when I was sitting on a small wall near a big tree at my uncles home. And a crow started hovering over me until I left that place. Same incident was continued over the next two days. 😀

  38. Me and my mother have been feeding crows for a while now and in the morning they seem to come by the bedroom door and call at us I have a question has anyone experienced after putting food out the crows coming by the window where the food is and doing a dance they don’t eat they Just Dance I’m wondering and some way are they Thanking us for feeding them?

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      • Exactly, evil has no color and one color is not superior to another. We all are made fearfully and wonderfully by God and saved by His Son Jesus, when Jesus died it says it was for all not one.

      • Good call

    • Hmm.. aren’t serial killers mostly white? And aren’t their victims predominately white?

      Your argument is invalid. Go finish school.

      • Um so the white man that kills 10 victims in New York is a serial killer but the black man in Detroit that kills 10 victims is a gangmember. I’m not racist myself but I’ve seen this argument in several places, the problem isn’t white or black. It’s the government that labels such crimes as different

    • (American): It’s ironic that you call someone else an idiot, name yourself “American”, yet you have no command of the English language (“their” own kind). You are also a racist. This is about crows. Find some redneck site where you can make your inappropriate comments.

      • The crows are laughing at all of your stupid human behaviors , the page is Crows!!!

    • Please get an education and learn to SPELL/write a simple sentence before you attack and call others idiots. You are a sterling example that racism and ignorance are one and the same. This website/blog is about CROWS, not a forum for you to spew your racist rhetoric.

    • Get lost jerk.

  40. that article is so amazing. Once a crow flew in to my hose and stole my little sister’s barby. It was hilarious.

    • You’ve mis-spelt “house” and “baby”.

      • Baby?????? No, he meant Barby

      • barbie

      • Who cares how it is spelled? If you not using proper grammar yourself, don’t correct someone’s spelling.

      • He meant Barbie…like the doll.
        I think people should be able to express themselves without getting called out for their typing skills, spelling, or sentence structure.
        It is amazing how people will put others down to make themselves look better…but it actually just makes yourself look uncompassinate about others, who may just be learning English and this could be their 2nd or even 3rd language.
        Or may have dyslexia or other disabilities that they struggle with. Shame on these people who put others down who are trying to join in.

  41. Crows are amazing flyers and seem to frollick in the air on windy days. I love how they do “barrel rolls” in flight, what a delight to watch…theyre so fascinating and so intelligent. Its true when I hear their call in the morning it comforts me to know all is well and that they are there. I wish I could go with them. I love them.

    • Love them, too. So entertaining!

      • Heard one making an instrumental wood-clacking call today. Kinda like a woodpecker. Wonderful.

      • I worry by feeding my crows they will wait for me and become un-self-reliant and not teach their offspring normal scavenging meathods.

    • Yes, or crows do tail stalls, loop the loop and when there’s a few of them they put on the coloured smoke and do synchronized aerobatics.

    • That would be a raven, which is close.

  42. I have a family, 12 to 14 crows that I feed puppy chow and dehydrated meal worms to every morning. They know me and my car and will start to caw when I come outside. The whole group is waiting in tree tops when there is bad weather and there is always at lease one waiting to let the group know that breakfast is served. They will all come flying in. They’ve gotten braver with time and now will fly down when I’m pulling out of the driveway and am about 10 feet away. I’m having a lot of fun watching them.

    • this is how it begins they’ve gotten ‘braver’next chapter – a scene out of the birds.

      • They creep me out, I’m from the “Birds” era! They are smart but what do the females do when the male cheats, since the females mate for life but the males occasionally cheat. They do make great painting subjects!

    • I know that some crows migrate in the UK but does anyone know where to?
      I can’;t find anything online.
      Thanks Harry T Naylor

  43. I started leaving peanuts in the shell and shelled sunflower seeds, water, in the winter for some crows that have been around for the past 6 months. I am not always consistent with putting food out, but they seem to check in during the day. However., my question: They will call from the tree and I go out, say hello and leave my offerings. They caw and then fly off. They do return later, sometimes I see them from the house and sometimes I don’t see when they got the food. I wonder if they are keeping it a secret and watch me and leave to return later so to be undetected by other birds. They have eaten and checked out the offerings when I am out there but usually not.

    • I don’t have an answer to your question… but wanted to say that I have the same thing happen with my crows. My offerings are also intermittent…and usually consist of puppy chow, meat scraps, peanuts in the shell etc. When I put the puppy chow out… one will call the others letting them know there are goodies available…but like yours, they don’t come down right away. Sometimes they don’t appear until hours later … and return throughout the day. I’ll catch a glimpse out the window. Sometimes I’ll hear them call before coming down to feed so not sure if they’re just announcing they’re about to chow down …even though they knew it was there hours before. I pondered whether it was because they want to find something ‘better’ elsewhere, or if it was just to check and make sure it wasn’t something that had to be eaten right away in case something else stole it?… I’m not sure.
      In summertime when I’m outside the crows will come down onto the lawn for peanuts and will wait for me to toss a few out to them in the grass.. They’re timid though…and remain under cover of a low branched apple tree then hop onto the birdbath to dunk their peanuts. I also end up with road kill body parts in my birdbath they’ve brought in to dunk. .

      • I wrote an entire response. Where did it go? ,……tO REPEAT. I love that they come, but they are so cautious. They keep all weight on the outside leg whenever I put out a new container with shelled sunflower seeds and in the shell peanuts. They take one and then jump as if an electric shock got them. I talk to them and they caw but fly away if I appear even in the house to watch them. Them sometimes watch me leave things and they leave, then return later. They never fight over my offering often standing in line til the first one finishes They make me laugh. I don’t really want anything from them…but I guess I do….I wonder if they will ever make contact with me.

    • If a murder of crows spots other crows in the area, they will not go to where you have left them food, i.e. tip off the other crows. I saw this just recently where a murder of 4 crows were near my usual murder of 3 crows – and even though I had placed their food out, they waited…and waited…for about 20 minutes on the chimney top across from me until the interlopers had left and the coast was clear. Then, my “three amigos” swooper right over and ate their fill. Very, very smart birds!

  44. A year or two ago I had six Crow come to the tall red pine in the back yard. Of course they were cawing. So I tossed out a hand ful of bread. The bread was gone a little while later. This went on for a year. When summer came I switched where I put the bread. Then I began watching. I noticed one crow had a wing disfigurement. And he walked with a tip. I called him Jo, Jo the crow. This friendly fellow is the only Crow who shows up. Except for last Spring. He dispensed for awhile. Then one day he showed up with the whole famdamily. He had his children. He brought them for a hand out and I was so touched. This past summer he started coming and looking in the Windows from the trees and I would go out and feed him. When o was outside he was making this clicking sound. His head was bobbing up and down. When I go outside I say, hi Jo. We feed a kinds of birds, all the woodpeckers and Pilates, cardinals, blue jays, chickadees, sparrows, flickers. We love our birds and the kitty enjoys watching them. Pi the cat will tell me when Jo the Crow is present.

    • What a wonderful story. I fed a bob and pen ( swans) in my garden ten years ago. Since then the same pair visit my garden twice a day to be fed . They sheer their young ( Sydney’s) to introduce them to me and to be fed.They are aggressive to everyone except me and my grandchildren– very aggressive towards anyone else. During the summer they will search my pockets for tit-bits and sit beside me wile I am having my lunch in my garden.

    • I have a cat named PI also, she loves to watch from the window birds feeding, especially my crow family every morning at 10 am

    • Candice you are not supposed to feed any type of bread to any kind of birds . Including crows.That will lodge in they’re throat , and later paralyze them, and later kill them. I looked it up on google. Please just start feding them Unsalted peanuts and Black oil sunflower seeds. I feed them Popped corn in the popcorn popper, and add just a tiny drop of pure vegetable oil. You are not supposed to feed them microwave popcorn. And birds cannot have any sodium in the they’re
      diet. thanks for Understanding. I’m only tying to keep you from going to jail. cause if you end up with dead crows or birds in your yard, someone might call the law on you, and I would hate for that to happen.

      • yikes… for a site where people are supposed to be ‘into’ crows/ravens (essentially the same thing save for tail setup and size).. you are very much misinformed. Crows/ravens have a very wide diet.. largely consisting of insects, small mammals, other birds.. eggs from nests (yes.. even teeny babies).. but also found food.. breads, fruit.. nuts… sandwich crusts.. popcorn.. and so on.. they do not have issues with bread products being lodged in their throat. nor will someone go to jail if a crow/raven dies in their yard..(unless of course they intentionally caused the death and was witnessed by someone)….
        A dear friend of mine told me of a bizarre ‘scene’ she witnessed last summer in her back yard… she noticed a lot of noise outside, so went to look out her window.. saw a fence covered in crows… the tree in her yard full as well. She noticed every so often, one or more off them would swoop down into the grass.. stay on the ground for a short time.. fly away.. only to have more birds fly to the ground.. and repeat this act.. of staying.. walking around a bit.. flying away….
        this apparently went on for a number of hours.. until there were no birds left.. so she ventured outside to see what it was they all had been so interested with on the ground (she said it was the same spot they all seemed to land at, so…)
        Upon going outside, what she found.. she said made her cry…..

        A massive crow was lying there, face down.. wings completely spread out to its sides.. dead…..

        the only thing either of us could figure, is the rest of the birds had come to show their respect…. she said it was odd at first, but after seeing the bird laying there.. she thought about it, and said it was the most wonderful beautiful thing ever…

        the bird who had passed away is now in her freezer.. sounds awful… I know. but ass a traditional Native.. she is using the bird to make feather fans… and wanted to preserve it ass best ass she could.

        **To answer a question on where they go to die.. most actually will go to a private place.. like a lot od animals….. where they won’t be seen or bothered 😉


    • My Crow friend comes and brings me gifts of berries. I did’nt know where the berries were coming from, until I saw my Crow friend leaving me this offering..for feeding him. Amazing birds.

    • Candice, try giving them something healthier, like whole wheat pasta. White bread will gum up their insides. Isn’t it wonderful when you become aware that the crows are watching you, waiting for you to come out and give them a treat? My “3 amigos” watch me from the roof/chimney tops across from my apartment building and acknowledge me with bobbing heads and caws. I recently got a love gift of a juicy red strawberry from them. They are so incredibly intelligent and interactive.

  45. When I was away in the air force, my dad rescued a baby crow on his farm. He fed it bugs and it grew to be an adult, and it followed him everywhere he went. It would hang around the house and when he left in his pickup every morning to go to the farm, the bird would land on top of the pickup and ride away with him. As the pickup got up to about 40 mph the bird couldn’t hang on anymore, so he would fly along behind. My dad had a piece of land that was 15 miles away from the rest of his farm, when he had to go out there the crow could not keep up with him at 70 mph and would fall behind, but when my dad arrived at the farm the bird would get there after a few minutes. My grandmother hated the crow because it would steal her clothespins off the clothes line and cause her laundry to fall on the ground.

  46. why do crows come here and hit the roof and make noises its usmmer here but my goodness its annoying

  47. How can i catch a crow

    • Don’t! They are wild animals, not “pets.” They also form strong familial bonds, are incredibly social with each other, interdependent, and “catching” them/caging them would be the cruelest possible thing you could do to them. In America, they are federally protected. How would you like having some nitwit “catch” you, stick you in a cage and separate you from your family members?

  48. Comment

  49. I can see many crows in my locality. Bt I cannot not see any dead bodies of crows. Where they die?

    • That’s where vultures come in…

    • Stopped at Smoke store this am to buy some tobacco. Crossing the street, I noticed a large raven, with beautiful shining plumage. I stopped within 2 arms length of him, as he was perrched atop a 7 foot wall. He showed no fear as he carefully studied me,and began to chuckle a throaty warble, as though he was serenading me, to show me his repertoire. I warbled in return, and would often change my my own responses, which he would immediately imitate, informing me, anything you do I can do better…a young man passing, and fascinated by the interaction, said wow.. Yes, I said, we just met, and as 2 older souls, decided to share how our respective days were going… Finally, after 30 mins, I told my new friend how happy I was to meet him, but had to go…As I crossed to street, he kept calling to me and I answered him, but when I looked around, he was no longer to be found…. I felt so good having been able to chit chat with my feathered Corvus……Should have asked him for the Power Ball Numbers for next week… After all, it is said that they can count to six…

      • I wish I had been there!

      • Wow, you are lucky to have Ravens where you live, I read somewhere they are smarter than crows with twice the vocabulary.

  50. One does not know how much food is wasted in a family. There has never been a day in 8 years of feeding my resident crows that I have missed a day. Sometime just removing stuff from my fridge or old potato chips, etc. I go outside and call: CROWS and here they come. There is usually 3 to 16 that attends. My neighbor watches them staching food. Two years ago the hawks came and ate the nesting babies. They were very high into pine trees. That was awful. I dont think my crows eat other birds nestlings since they are so well fed. One crow likes to fly over me and run his legs thru my hair.

    • What state? Trying to figure out crow variety.

    • I loved your story. I am just starting to get into the crows. Thanks.

      • Their amazing… I been finding berries under my oak tree, and wondering where they where coming from. I saw my Crow friend leave a berry and call me he was thanking me for feeding him Amazing!!

  51. I have been sharing food with crows for a few years now. I began by giving food in parking lots or where I may see one, and when I had a morsel to share. Last summer in Florida, I shared my breakfast on my balcony each morning and made friends with a small group. This year at home in Houston, I have a family of five crows that call me each morning and afternoon. One of the crows in the family has a broken right foot, but seems to be getting on. The other four crows protect it. I now have a hawk that is coming by and sitting in the tree where the crows like to roost. The crows have been driving the hawk away, but I am sadly thinking the hawk is waiting for a chance to take the injured crow. I have found that my crows migrate away for summer, usually just before my barn swallows return to their nest, and return in the fall when the swallows have gone.

    • I don’t know if you know it, but you’re a creative writer. You need to consider extending this and submitting it to literary magazines.

      • This is directed at Mary.

  52. A few years back I was at my son’s middle school waiting for him to get out. I was sitting in the driver’s seat with the window completely down on a hot southern CA day. A HUGE crow landed and perched right on the side mirror. I was startled at first but, I didn’t panic and we stared at each other for quite some time.. I was in eye pecking distance for about 5 minutes. He/she did not caw or act out in anyway just stared. This is extremely odd and I have thought about it for years wondering why the crow did this and was not scared of me at all either. There was no flock around that I noticed but, there are alot of crows in that area. I was wondering if this has any significance or meaning that I should know??? It was just too odd to not mean anything.

    • Maybe it was just an old soul that new you at some time, he came to say hello. 🙂

  53. My family and I have a tridition where if one of us sees a hawk we call out ‘Hawk’ and we pause to wish. Now we were traveling to Knoxville TN and I had spotted what looked to be a hawk but was really a crow but, I had already wished for a safe trip. Later I was watching the world go by I saw a murder of crows ‘my children’ I said happily and that made my small bro call me werid. Anyway, later that day I saw another murder of crows! Surprisd I watched them follow my car!!! We dont get many crows where I’m from. Did they here my wish or knew I had a soft spot for them? But I did give them a thank you of fries and we did have a safe trip.

    • There is a simple answere to many crow interactions that seem impossible….They are telepathic. Whenever I need help finding someone I “get a crow ” to help as they can scope from above and call loudly in the direction so I can find the person. This even works when someone is miles away. They are instantly connected. Crows are almost EVERYWHERE so I call it crow phone. No satellites needed here. They come and tell me when some one of my close friends are in trouble. Once when I had pnumonia they flocked outside my window looking in and calling loudly to me. I understood they were waiting around in case I wanted a ride upon leaving my body. We are just the very BEST of friends. Don’t wonder or puzzle like modern man. You must ALLOW the greater reality in which we swim like soup. Just relax and ALLOW

    • There is a simple answere to many crow interactions that seem impossible….They are telepathic. Whenever I need help finding someone I “get a crow ” to help as they can scope from above and call loudly in the direction so I can find the person. This even works when someone is miles away. They are instantly connected. Crows are almost EVERYWHERE so I call it crow phone. No satellites needed here. They come and tell me when some one of my close friends are in trouble. Once when I had pnumonia they flocked outside my window looking in and calling loudly to me. I understood they were waiting around in case I wanted a ride upon leaving my body. We are just the very BEST of friends. Don’t wonder or puzzle like modern man. You must ALLOW the greater reality in which we swim like soup. Just relax and let it be.

  54. I came here for information on the behavior of crows because for the 3rd day now I’ve had maybe 100 ravens in my backyard at night. I’ve lived in this house 11 years and I’ve never seen anything like this. They fly to my house around 3pm. A mass of them circle, fly around, and settle in the trees in my backyard and around my house. They are very loud and some of them fly close above and around my house. They stay till right before the sun sets and then fly East. Not sure if this is “communal roosting” if they leave for the night? Don’t get me wrong, ravens are beautiful birds, just curious why my backyard and why just recently? I really don’t mind them hanging around though- kinda cool 🙂

    • You may be in trouble! Crows often roost together at night. They will fly to an area and make an awful racket for about an hour before sundown, then suddenly all fall quiet right at sundown. They repeat the racket in the morning before flying off for the day. We had a roost of hundreds of crows in an old dead tree on our property for 5 years. They drove us crazy, especially in the summer when they awoke earlier and earlier in the morning as the days lengthened. Apparently the tree has become too rotten to use anymore, as they suddenly abandoned it this spring. Hurray!!!

    • No doubt, they are probably losing their habitat–clear-cutting trees for “renewable energy”–biomass or wood pellets is causing loss of habitat for many birds and other creatures.

  55. since my grandpa died last year i m being haunted by crows everywhere everytime.they always follow me they caw at me they mob me and sometimes they swoop directly at my head .im being tired and im frieghtened to step outside.why these crows are aggressive at me.plz someone help.

    • Daniel, you may be close to their nest, or they may remember you if you were mean to them. I assure you it would not be your grandpa at all. I hope this helps you, in best regards, Lori

  56. The relationship i have with crows is intriguing for some, shunned by most. As most think they are omens for dark haunted souls… could be, however creepy they may appear they follow me. Waking me up at 6 am sharp kakakakakakakakakakaka…if i can trick them i stay with someone else so i can sleep in. They are very vocal, so much so neighbors bring their dogs inside when im outside in my yard . Dogs dont know what to make of it, they seem scared shitless i speak to the crows. Really they are just curious of me as i am of them. Used to i tried killing them, over time i’ve changed and i communicate with them. Ravens aren’t vocal with me whatsoever but when they come into town the sky is thick with a 40-50 strong flock, which grace me with their presence as to say “we see you” most would think well how can you tell they are here for you….i am not stupid and or willing to try and explain myself. I’ve lost much faith in our current society. If only i could fly with my disciples.

    • Hello,fellow crowkin.We both feel as if we are trapped in the body of a human,but feel as if we need to be birds.I hear you.

    • I saw one crow a few weeks ago once at 7 11. The other im not sure I just remember hearing the bird. I have a close friend that is lakota sioux. We spoke on this years ago. When I see one crow I have things happen in my life some good some sad. I have lost the man I love, trust me I didnt realize how deep he is in my heart until he was taken from me. Hes in hospis near his end.. I feel him in my suroundings. Hes not passed yet but its not him anymore. My best friend is in rehab for heart surgery today I was with her feeling heart broken I laid on the floor to rest. When I woke she asked if I grabed her foot. No one was there it was my alvin saying hi. He has some native indian in him im hopin g that the crow was there to tell me it was coming to prepare me. The second time I wasnt scared of it. I hope im right and I hope he is with me fr just a moment in time. He was taken by bad people and I wasnt ready but I knew something was coming. Thankyou fore listening

    • There really making noise out side my apt. Today! I got one of them help with his b wing and now they seem to bea talking with me!

    • Mate get some help , quickly

      • LOL Steve

  57. Gross crow attacked my youthful stoop dweller Pigeon mid air yesterday. I’d never rescue one of these disgusting witch birds. They look like the devil flying. I hate the sound of them screaming in the morning. I’d like to leave poisoned dog food for them I hate them so much.

    • Well Robin, more than likely crows won’t eat that poisoned dog food. Your prized pigeon is more likely to eat it.

    • If you do we will mob you.

    • Yes, well, everything you don’t like should just off and die….

    • Crows’ cawing in the morning are similar to a rooster’s crowing–it means that everything is right with the world, and it’s a new day. I’m sorry that a crow attacker one of your favorite other birds. Calling them “witch birds” makes you sound like a superstitious European. If it’s that they are black, it is the color that they have evolved to be, in order to be seen by others like them. At least it’s a color that exists in nature! My guess is that they don’t like you, because they know that you don’t like them. Try and be reasonable, and see where they fit into the natural scheme of things, and not have such an emotional reaction to things you may not understand.

  58. I live in an apartment with many trees around it. There is one tree right outside my balcony and I set out food and water the the plants everyday, as well as make whistles to let any birds around the area know that I left food. As time passes, more and more birds are coming around, bringing their families and babies, and staying perched on the tree for longer amounts of time, singing and talking. Many are song birds but also blue jays and many others. This, as expected, is bringing the attention of a cat in my area, crows, and ravens. This is a side story of what happened yesterday; My window was open and at least 4 different blue jays flew right over to the tree outside my balcony and started calling (barking I would say) uncontrollably. I went right over to my window and assumed they were just in a loud mood, but it sounded urgent and I didnt know what they were talking about or referring to. Then, I stepped outside my balcony and right there, almost at the top of the stairs, was a cat that lives around the neighborhood. I immediately knew how much the blue jays cared about the little bird community of this tree/place and was shocked they all came together as soon as trouble came. My question is, how could I let the crows and ravens know that I dont want them to hunt here or bother any other birds. I havent witnessed them hunting yet, but I dont know if they actually have or not. They dont really come right to my balcony like all the other birds do but every now and then when the birds are singing Ive seen a crow or raven perched on another ledge not far away, just sitting there. Sometimes theyll circle around some small birds but then they just go sit right back down on the same ledge. Again, I dont know if any of them have hunted the birds here or not but by the way the crows slowly circle around the little birds, it looks like theyre just giving them some practice runs for the heck of it. It could also be the same crow thats coming back around and doing this, and I just havent noticed.

    • We have crows, songbirds, hawks, and woodpeckers that appear in our inner-city yard. I have never observed a crow’s attacking anything–they all seem to get along (the crows defer to squirrels if I put any food out for them, and I finally figured out, I think, that they have an “agreement” of sorts–they’ve agreed that the squirrel may eat first, because when it dies, it will become food for the crows; but not the other way around). What I have observed, is that, when a hawk comes around, most everything disappears. The only thing that doesn’t might be a grey squirrel that seems to be too large for any hawk to attack/carry off.

  59. It may seem strange but in my lifetime I have been to two separate places where the crow spoke French is there anybody else ever had that happen

    • It happened to me, but it was in portuguese. It said “hi”

    • I noticed that there is a crow that, when it sees me, it makes squirrel noises. I think that it thinks that I feed the squirrels, and that if I think it’s a squirrel, that I will feed it. Pretty funny! I do not feed the squirrels, but do fill our bird-feeders. As we know, if you have bird-feeders, you will also have squirrels.

    • I think you should contact John Ratliff at N. Ariz. U. He’s the expert and has written several excellent books on corvids. I don’t remember anything in the reading I’ve done on what you describe. It could be important and he might be able to help you figure it out. As I recall, ravens gathering in large numbers socially is pretty rare.

  60. Greetings from India. I live next to a large monument in New Delhi and go for walks there every morning. About 10 days ago I found the crows making a huge racket. On closer examination I found a fledgling in a bush. Seeing that there are pye dogs in the compound who are quite feral, I picked it up and put it on the highest branch of a bottle brush tree. Then I went on for my walk. On my way back I found it was on the grass about a hundred yards away, surrounded by a few crows.

    Concerned, I picked him up and took him to my apartment about 200 yards away. The crows followed me cawing raucously. Once home I immediately took him to my terrace where the crows had gathered. I gave him shelter and after a bit tried to feed him some scrambled egg, but he threw it out.

    When I realised he wasn’t going to eat, I thought it best to return him so I took him back and placed him on the bottle brush. The next day he was nowhere to be found. However, what happened was that I seem to have earned the wrath of the crows. They follow me the moment I come into the compound cawing aggressively. I have tried to make peace by sitting still and allowing them to vent. I have tried to communicate that I only tried to help, but sadly they see me as the enemy. I understand that, but I would like to make peace with them.

    Any suggestions?

    • While they have become habituated to passing humans, you interfered by gathering up their lunch. They will not forget your face. Their offspring will even learn to recognize you and call an alert. Your tender heart cannot alter their perception of you, dear.

      • Im trying to learn about having a crow as a pet. Are you truthful in your response of crows remembering and future generations too?

      • NOt legal to have a crow as a pet in the US (unless you purchase an African crow (black & white). Why not just make friends with your local wild crows?

    • Feed them

    • Bring some food for them to eat. Keep leaving something that they like. I think that soon, they will realize that you are friend. Also, imagine that you are petting a crow’s head, in a nice and gentle way. As someone else mentioned, they might be telepathic.

    • Marzluff and his graduate students had this problem as a result of trapping crows for study. I think this was one of the indicators that led them to the discovery forbids do not merely engage in mimicry but have language to include the use of personal pronouns and verbs.

      To your point, there was something about rehabilitating the social interaction. I seem to recall that’s tough. You have been falsely accused of aggravated assault of one of their children, after all. But not possible? I disagree with Jonathan. From my experience there is not much in the worlda tender heart tthat’s steadfast and persistent cannot overcome.

      The book was In the Company of Crows and Ravens, John Marzluff. Let me know how it turns out.

  61. A baby crow that my sister rescued hates my dog. Lucky is the boss over the other dogs, but seems to really pick on my one dog; (Liss)
    If Liss is on my lap, Lucky will come over and very aggressively try to pick at him. My dog has never done anything to Lucky. As I said Lucky basically rules the dogs.
    When my sisters dogs sit on her lap Lucky doesnt bother them.
    . He/she will fly off for a while and come back to roost or feed.
    Lucky will only let my sis or I to pet him or sit on our shoulders.


  62. My story was different. In my story no crow is a victim. This was actually happening from last 15 years. I don’t know why all this is happening to me.

    I am software engineer working for a small frim. When I was studying my +2 one evening I went upstairs to the top of my building to enjoy the cool weather. And all of a sudden a crow started fighting with me.

    I don’t know why. With in no time another crow joined him and thought it’s not the right time to enjoy cool breeze and went down stairs and I told the same to my mom. She then. Told me that there was a crow nest in the tree which was nearer to our building so the crow may thought like I am going to spoil their house so she may did like that…

    I got convinced of her words and ignored the thing….

    Later when I am studying my batchlores degree againe one more incident took place where I was again victim by few crows and feared and get out from there.

    And even yesterday I am targeted by few crows I don’t know why they r always target me.

    These three incidents took place in three different places.

  63. I just came in after observing a standoff between crow and hawk. A large hawk had just caught a rodent and parked on a high branch to enjoy his meal, not realizing (or not caring) that there was a crow’s nest in a neighboring tree. The parent crows started making very loud distress calls, and a couple of minutes later another crow couple showed up. They proceeded to slowly and quietly menace the hawk, first perching on branches a few feet away, then slowly moving in from above, the sides, and below, until they were only three/four feet away. Just watching the hawk….. who finally decided to get some peace and took off with the remains of his meal. It was incredible to watch.

  64. In the tree outside my balcony, two crows have been making a ruckus for weeks now. they don’t attack each other, but keep plucking leaves and crowing at each other, as if they’re showing their strength.. i tried shooing them away but they just keep coming back.

  65. This past weekend (I think) I witnessed a large murder of crows kill one crow. It was in Jericho park in Vancouver where there are a lot of them. I’ve seen a group of 5-6 attack 1 crow before in the same park but different spot (it plopped on the ground passively taking the beating/ plucking until I stepped in and they got dispersed), but this time when I came around there were at least 20 crows in the tree gawking, with a handful on the ground plucking at the victim while it laid on its back.

    I was on the bike so I drove through to disperse them thinking the attacked one would get up and go but it just laid there with its eyes and beak open, and I could see its little red tongue, but I think it was still breathing. The crows didn’t come back to pluck at it but they continued to make noise and most stayed in the same tree while some flew a bit further. I asked a fellow onlooker what happened and she said she thinks they just killed it, it fell from the tree. I could not stay long and was afraid to get closer and get attacked myself so I left (the crow never moved), and when I came back several hours later it was no longer there…

    • i found an injured crow about a year ago, i took him, fed him, brought him to good health. i had hoped that he would fly again, but he has showed that he’s unable. so i built him a bird house and he lives outside. he has a bird bath, and free choice food, and he communicates when he needs more food, or fresh water. though sometimes he just yells uncontrollably for amounts of time that render me extremely agitated by his calls, and i’m wondering if anyone knows what this might mean. the calls are erratic, different tones, and it sounds as though he’s yelling as loud as he possibly can. what could this mean??


      • Please take the crow to a local wildlife center. It’s illegal to keep it captive and will make it unreleasable if it becomes habituated. It will get the proper care it needs there. We have one at the center I volunteer at and it never crows incessantly. You are not helping it you are actually doing harm. I know you meant well though!

      • My sis has well rescued a crow and when she/he makes that crowing sound it was to warn her of something.

      • Beth…she clearly stated the bird can not fly. The bird is bonded with her; I have worked in several different rescues and many go through staff in a great turn over rate lucky to learn the history of the bird. If the bird needs medical care it MUST be brought to the vet to try to get best chance of release… But if the bird is grounded it needs a lot of care and attention. It is possible she is doing the right thing by the bird. Always be sure racoon’s and foxes can not enter the habitat you built for the crow.
        At our bird center the interns forgot to bring thebird in from the teaching perch and the red tail hhall was left as a dinner for the fox.
        If you find a baby bird they are fed by their mothers and you must have hand feeding formula heated and soft like rice cearsl.
        This bird may feel danger is near or need to playif he is ccomplaining…. They are very smart and need LOTS of one on one play time. Fetch and hide and seek are good in door games they like to play. If you don’t have the time crows need even more attention and love then a hyper dog then please consider giving him to some one or a rescue that you check out that does have the time.

    • I live in Langley, BC, about an hour from Jericho Beach and I witnessed the same thing where some crows attacked another crow until it could no longer fly. It hobbled in the bushes for several days and I was unable to catch it as it would run into the blackberry bushes where it was impossible to get at him. I eventuLly found him dead laying on his back several days later. It was very upsetting to see the birds pick on him and I came to this website trying to understand their behaviour towards him. It obviously was not for food because once he was too injured to fly they left him alone. It appears that they were attacking him specifically to harm him and although it may have been for other reasons not understood by people it appeared to be a violent form of bullying that eventually killed him.

      • We noticed this as well. Were from Northern , BC. My sis rescued one that was attacked by crows. The crow was even attacked 3 weeks later by a group of crows. Luckley she was outside and helped scare them off.
        There were more incidents of this type of behavior , particularly with the baby crows.
        My father suggests that the Crows sensed it would be a shortage of food for them.
        Makes sense , for all the forest fires there have been and many animals forced from homes to find other territories.

    • The victim crow is canabalistic. He is being executed.

  66. I live in the country, not far from us is a little wood full common crows and their nests. They don’t bother, us we don’t bother them. But there is also a pair of hooded crow, most likely a couple as they are always together. I don’t think they live in the same wood, but on a large, single tree closer to the house. We live here 2 years now and every single morning we’ve been woken by the two of them knocking on our windows. In the Winter it is 8.30 on the dot when they start with their knocking. In the Summer it can start as early as 3.30, sometimes just for a few times, sometimes up to whenever movement starts inside the house. It can not be the reflection of the window as they use different windows every time, upstairs as well as downstairs. Often both hooded crows start knocking on two different windows on different ends of the house. Its like a game they play. The first crow goes knock knock knock the second answers from another window knock knock knock and back to the first etc. often for hours. They always knock in intervals of 3 to each other. It drives our dogs totally mad and leaves us sleep deprived on a regular basis. Normal tricks like crow stickers or figurines, shiny CD’s etc. in the window don’t work with those guys. They are just too clever to fall for the regular tactics. I would not hurt such intelligent creatures (or any creature) in any way, but two years is a long time to put up with their messing and I know how old they can get……Any suggestions or similar experiences anyone? Because moving house is not an option………

    • Did you feed them? Do they see you as a source of food, direct or indirect (food you leave out on a sit out table, or food you dispose)? I had gotten into the habit of feeding crows late lunch. But soon they started to come in the mornings and sit outside the window. At first they would caw gently. then if i did not attend to them, they would rattle the clothes line, if i still did not respond, they would come and hit the window pane with their beak. I work late into the night so i need to sleep till say 8 am. Their breakfast time was 6:45 or 7. You can imagine how pissed off i would get with them. I started to get out of bed fling the window open and scream at them. They understood. They are very clever and even though they do not wear a wrist watch they know what time it is. Every day same time. And same ritual. I feel bad i could not feed them. To he honest They came because they liked me a lot. Otherwise food is plenty on the roads of the city I live in.

      • this made me laugh out loud! Sorry, it’s not funny for you I am sure. Maybe put something on you r windows outside to deaden the sound so it’s no longer fun for the crows to make noise. Hopefully it would be temporary. Like foam pads or insulation board. That’s all I could come up with. It would drive me nuts.

      • No Crowlover, we don’t feed them and our rubbish is disposed in plastic bins. I don’t think they are after food to be honest, I think it’s our company or they just get a buzz out of driving our dogs mad. They are picking worms all day long in the field beside the house, I am sure there is no shortage of food. To you 5Cats, I get your drift , but really boarding all the windows with some sort of insulation might be not really an option either. It would probably work if they would use only one of the windows, but the whole house? Imagine the look on the people passing by the house. It dives us nuts alright, but I do understand you laughing….

      • Hello Annerose,

        I know you posted this 3 months back and you may have found a solutiom but if you haven’t, I have a suggestion for you. My dad did this a couple of years back when he had faced a sinilar problem like yours and it worked. It did sound strange to me when I heard about it at the time but was told that this method was not a new one but an old one that had found success since generations and is more like a grandma’s trick to get things done.

        Get atleast one pair of feathers of a dead crow and hang it atop your house where the crows could easily notice.

        It is a simple solutiom and this has worked in many places. I dare not say its an Indian trick as it may not be but this method has been sucessfully carried out in many parts of India, a country where we do have an awfully lot of crows! 😉

        I am not suggesting to kill one to get a pair of feathers, you could obtain a pair from one which is already dead, either in the wild or in captivity.


  67. I have a pet crow which was rescued by neighbours as a baby when found in the road. They raised him in doors and asked me to look after him when they went on holiday for 3 weeks. I kept him in doors for a couple of days but then started putting hin in the garden from dawn til dusk but still feeding him (cat food, chicken peas and berries every hour). I watched him fledge and start to fly. After about about a week he started staying out over night roosting with other crows in the area. He still comes back most days to be fed. He will shout and tap on the windows for attention. I can call him down from the roof or trees to be fed and he is happy to sit on my arm or shoulder. He regularly accompanies me when i walk my 3 dogs with a mixture of short flights and walking with the dogs. He is a great companion and i have the pleasure of his occasional company whilst he gets to live a semi wild lifestyle. Best of both worlds and he knows there is always a ready meal and help chez moi if he needs it.

    • what a lovely story.. i love crows..:-)

  68. I have a crow In a sumac tree. All alone except two other crows are keeping watch from higher trees. injured? Been there all day. If I get too close the watchers get agitated.

  69. I have to help a crow today is at cone in to my garden and I think he broke his fot and a cut bummy and he was very quiet went I pick him up and put him in a box for the rapca I have got a picture of it

  70. I just witnessed a crow kill a snake on the ground. When it was dead, it flew up to a tree and ate it. This might explain why we have plenty of crows and very few snakes.

  71. Seattle is host to many crows, and there are some large rookeries nearby.
    The thing I have seen twice is a ‘vanishing’: no crows to be found for part of a day.
    I have not seen a single crow, nor heard a ‘caw’ all morning!
    Both the local birds and the rookery birds are just AWOL.
    Goshawks, an eagle and some other trash-birds, but no beloved corvids.
    They always come back, but my question is this: Where are they when they are ‘gone’?
    I say teleportation or time-travel.
    Corvids are pretty smart, and I would not put it past them to break the laws of physics.

    • I love it. I can see the front cover pictures now, bird brains vs physicist. 🙂

    • I have wondered at the times when all the crows disappear, and your theory is understandable, such mystical creatures.

    • Greg, we live in Des Moines, WA. My hubby and I joke that all the crows go to Kent at dusk. This is because we watch them fly that direction every evening and my mom who worked in Kent, would see their roosting spot. So, we Google it. Crows congregate and roost together at night. Safety in numbers ?

    • One afternoon I was awoken from a nap by a frightful clamor outside. In the trees behind the house, there must have been 200 crows just perched on the branches having a good gabfest. It was winter so I could see them clearly through the wood. They stayed for the remainder of the afternoon then flew off. (Thankfully, as I was entertaining the idea that they were rehearsing for a remake of “The Birds”!) I believe that crows tend to have clans or at least extended families, and that occasionally they get together with other groups to purely to socialize. Perhaps that is where your crows are off to.

  72. I saw a bird like this eat vomit on pavement in the early morning, but it had a light-coloured beak, and so not sure if it was a crow. The vomit was outside a pub so wonder if he got tipsy on the contents?

  73. I had a small 5 lb. Yorkie that literally was spared her life by 3 crows. I love these amazing birds. She was outside doing her business when a hawk was coming down on her. I was standing nearby and couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. Three crows flew down and slammed into the hawk giving me enough time to grab my dog. Unbelievable noises and some feathers went flying. My husband laughed because I always fed the crows. They protected and saved my dog!!! I fed them a lot more after that. They would “guard” my backyard and position themselves accordingly.

    • That’s cool!

      • I believe crows are very loyal to those that mend thier needs

    • You know Jamie I don’t doubt it one bit. Crows are so intelligent and are well known to recognize faces and people even after many years of not seeing them. I saw a show stating they even have funerals of sorts and mourn their dead family. It is so easy to dismiss them because they are everywhere but they are extremely smart and to be respected. I would gladly rescue and adopt a baby if the need ever arises.

      • I have one crow that followed me through the years. I have moved from house to house in the same town.As I type this he is in the tree above me. I have lost 2 of my cats due to age. I am so sad, and I think the Crow knows because he does tricks to make me laugh. I am great full to have such a pal.

    • My admiration for crows has grown! I have witnesses crows saving my homing pigeons several times. They’re so smart, they anticipate that when I let the pigeons out to fly, the Hawks will come to hunt. So before the Hawks even arrive, as soon as I let the pigeons out, a few crows will fly over on sentry duty. A few minutes later, as the Hawks start to fly toward the birds, the 2 crows send out an alarm. All of a sudden, there are several crows sounding the hawk alarm, two or three crows will circle and peck at one of two Hawks at a time, slowly moving them out of the vicinity.

      Once the Hawks are gone, the crows come back cawing as if reporting on the success of their attack. They’ve never harmed the pigeons. They seem like they’re tryjng to protect them, in fact.

  74. I live in a high rise in Ottawa. It is 7 a.m I just saw the biggest flock of crows there must have been around 2-3 thousand of them heading toward the Rideau river going north west. I have no idea what could cause this. Maybe something large died and they all found out about it? If anybody knows please email me. I’m tripping. tyharry53@hotmail.com

    • I remember when I was in Kyiv, Ukraine in 2006, there was a murder of crows that must have measured over a thousand.

      They were circling over a confectionary manufacturing facility that had just opened its vents for the night (man, it smelt good!)

    • I live in northern Vermont and we have a sizable group of crows who roost in our local park. Im saying up to a thousand. during the summer evenings they come from all around to over night in the trees in Taylor Park. so during these times one can witness huge rivers of crows in the sky flying over for an hour or more. Its quite a sight! The City officials even considered taking action against the crows because of the amount of poop they leave behind.

    • OMG! I remember that day, it was two years ago in Sandy Hill and the Rideau River! I similarly estimated one or two thousand. One day like that, and then they were back to typical numbers. I similarly wonder what it was all about. The only other time I saw this many was one day in Rochester NY about 10 years ago.

  75. I have observed crows in my neighborhood actually giving out warnings when a coyote is in the area. Does anyone have insight into the behavior of crows when they are in a group (a “murder” of crows)?

  76. anywhere else here selling crows for pet?? message me please!!

    • I have a crow and believe me they are really hard work. Do your homework first, although they are absolutely brilliant it’s nothing like having a household pet, and could be with you for the next 30 years.

      • I would imagine they’re very similar to caring for any other type of intelligent bird like a parrot. Companionship and attention… they can be loud and destructive. Brilliant, affectionate, fascinating…. But moody and with a mix of good and bad behavior issues . It’s a shame too. I love birds and my daughter really wants a pet bird but parrots are just too difficult for our family right now. I adore crows and was hoping they might be a little more independent.

  77. what do they do when they are dying? mozela9@comcast.net

  78. One thing I never see mentioned is: When they feed as a flock there will always be one (most of the time two) that will stay up in a tree and keep watch for predators. Ever few minutes they will rotate so they can all feed.

  79. OH………….so sad ……

  80. We have TONS of crows in our town. You can’t walk down the sidewalk without seeing at least ten right in front of you and seven or eight up in the trees, on wires, buildings, etc, cawing at you and each other. As a kid I had a cat who’d kill one crow every day and leave it in my closet which lead outside into the garage so getting ready for school was pretty interesting to say the least. It was like “Again, kitty? Aww, poor crow!”

  81. we have a big Bunyan tree .Its a residing place of hundreds of birds but the presence of crows is very obvious because of their screaming sound. Every day I feed them with the yellow portion of eggs since we don’t eat it. Everyday in the morning I create a sound by beating a steel plate and more than a dozen crows come to eat it . I keep the stuff in a plate. Within seconds the plate is empty. But for last two days i am observing that they come but keep on fighting rather than taking the grub. Only one or two crows eat it and keep on shooing the others away. Others struggle and manage to take some. They do finish the stuff but take a lot of time and fighting among themselves. Will some expert tell me the reason of such strange behaviour?

    • Im an anthropologist, but am fascinated by crows intelligence and see that their behaviour sometimes might be better understood to some degree by comparing it with human social behaviour. As I see it, your regular supply of a high quality food has triggered social hierarchy mechanisms within the murder. That is, there possibly exists a class system within the crow’s culture, like a chief system. So that he (she) and his(her) family or offsiders have first right to the best resources, supplied by you. They have heard about the quality supply of egg yolk and are insisting that their rights and privileges be respected by the other crows. I have seen myself when a very mature crow got permitted first picks.

  82. I have a baby one and it is hard to take care of it is loud and it is crazy but they are cool

    • Let the birds be gree, not meant to be pets

  83. Ermergerb crerws er a merzing

  84. We have a big tree next to my bedroom window where a pair of crow made a nest. Boy, they are noisy. Today I woke up from them screaming frantically around 5:30am. It was a big fight between the birds. Like 4 of them. It was heart breaking noise. Feathers were laying under the tree and I assumed that crow or raven had attacked crows nest. I went outside and tried to spray them with water, to scare the intruder. They all fled away screaming, but one bird had half of his tail feathers missing. I know that I shouldn’t interfere with nature and let them be, but I won’t my little noisy “neighbors” to hatch their offsprings. What can I do to help them when something like that happens again?

    • I just had about a dozen scrub jays screaming in my oak tree. I thought it was a nest territorial thing, but then I saw a crow trying to take off with one of the jays in it’s beak. The jays would dive on the crow, and the victim kept being dropped, picked up again, repeat. I know it goes on all the time, I can’t stand watching the ugly side of nature on tv, and I couldn’t help myself, either. I chased the crow off. Little jaybird was lying on it’s back with beak wide open looking like it’s in shock. I brushed the grass out of it’s eyes, and folded it’s wings back together. I slid my hand underneath it intending to put it in the garage to recover without the crow attacking again, because it and a friend were in the tree watching. It righted itself, flew a few feet and took cover under some dense shrubbery. The other jays go and check on it, making reassuring sounding vocalizations, and the crows have disappeared. I’m hoping it stays OK, but I hear hawks shrieking nearby too. Word sure got out fast! Sorry I don’t have any advice for you to protect your little ones.

      • I was walking in the parking lot by my work the other day and not a couple feet in front of me a steak of black appears, there’s a thud, and a dead or stunned sparrow on the asphalt. As I return from my walk a couple of crows are there picking at the body.

  85. Crows are sooo smart they read webpages about Crow Intelligence and re-blog these comments so people is fucked up digging up the original comment

  86. hjghdshgshriuhfreiuheiofhhfkeflklwfnhilef

    • I think you are a crow! I mean pee is a crow! Because of the ‘unreaedable’ comment above written by pee…And those who don’t know, let me tell you that pee means toilet!

  87. This is a great list.
    I am very interested by crows naming their owners. Has anyone got a [academic] reference for this? A quick google search seems to only re-bloggs.

    • **seems to reveal only re-bloggs.

  88. I witnessed 2 crows attacking another today, thought whatever but then I watched as the big 1 just kept pecking and pecking at this other 1 until it had no feathers left on its head, they left it for dead on the floor, I wanted to stop it ,but nature is odd. weirdest thing I have ever seen a bird do, is there a name for this please and is it common ??

    • Nature IS odd, there are behavioral reasons that we can never fully understand even by thorough observation. Crows each have their own very unique personalities and will often battle if their is a “weak” one, they do not like those in their flock at all. They will team up on the weak to eliminate them. This was likely what you were witnessing. If it had not been so aggressive, the common name for removing feathers from another birds body is called “alloplucking”. Hope this helps. Crows are fantastically amazing creatures!

    • Hello, i don’t know much about crows or animals for that matter, but i was attracted by what you described, and i remembered that i heard sometime before that crows have their own court and they have a punishement for each misbehaviour, the ones corresponding to what you saw is when a crow attacks baby crows or female crows.

      • They do hold Court, these amazing birds.
        I worked with scientists who studied bird behavior.
        Anyway, these ‘bird-brain’ researchers all had pet birds of various types. and lots had of anecdotes of the ‘Ravens Court’.
        From what they described, the Court would convene and the ‘accused’ would be center of the circle. Older crows spoke first, then younger. The accused rarely spoke. After taking turns, they often would get agitated and yell at the same time.
        The sentence was not always death, but the killing often involved removing a lot of plumage around the back and neck.
        Like stripping rank from a soldier before the firing squad?
        Crows recognize each other through the tiny color pattens of feathers in the neck/head area.
        Tear off these feathers, the victim becomes an anonymous corpse instead of ‘Barney’.

    • just witnessed a crow getting attacked by two other crows and were saved by three magpies swooping down and attacking the other crows it was amazing to see the injured crow flying away albeit a bit worse for wear its still alive and should be grateful to its smaller relitives .david Glasgow scotland

  89. Observed in India.. If a crow is touched by a human, it is mobbed and killed by other crows. Same with Sparrows.

    • Yesssssss

    • That simply is not a fact …crows live in tight family, and community groups …and if a crow was killed after a human touched it …it was not for THAT reason…

    • This is absolutely inaccurate and a myth

    • Are you sure? My pet crow has started to flying toward the other crow whenever they fly passing my house?

  90. The you tube video in point 5 clearly shows two pairs of Hooded Crows having a violent territorial argument….. NOT copulation!

  91. oh o.O
    really weird!!!

  92. I’ve made it my mission to get a photo of a crow anting!

  93. Unique and wonderful Vail!


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