10 Amazing Crow Facts

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Corvids can be found all over the world except southern S. America, the Poles and various islands. They are believed to have originated in central Asia and species diversity is still high there. The oldest corvid fossils have been found in Europe from 20-25 million years ago; from an ancestor called the Miocene. Below are ten more interesting facts about our favorite bird:

There are about 45 species of crow worldwide known by a variety of names, including treepies, corbies, nutcrackers, bushpies, choughs, and the pica pica.

Mating crows will often remain together for years and some until parted by death. Most of the offspring will leave the nest after a couple months never to return. Some, on the other hand, remain, assisting in co-operative breeding.

Corvids are absolutely fearless, particularly when chasing bald or golden eagles. On other occasions, they’ll pick up and drop stones, pinecones or sticks on predators or people they come in contact with.

The common crow will usually live for about seven years, although some have lived as long as 14 years in the wild.

Almost all corvids have been observed using tools, and the Raven can be taught to speak basic human language.

Crows are emotional animals, too. They react to hunger and invasion by vigorously vocalizing their feelings. They display happiness, anger and sadness.

Crows are considered song-birds and posses a deep repertoire of melodies. And, like humans, the more melodious the song, the more soothing the effects. Some crows have even been taught to recite opera.

Crows have an excellent memory. They’re masters at stashing food in many caches, moving it sometimes two or three times, and remembering exactly where they placed it. In fact, for their size, crows have the largest brains of all birds except some parrots. Their brain-to-body ratio is equivalent to that of a chimpanzee and amazingly, not far off that of a human’s.

Magpies, Choughs and Nutcrackers are all basically modified crows.

Crows, rooks, Ravens and Jackdaws are the most successful members of the group except in Central and Southern America where only Jays have reached. Corvids are believed to have reached the Americas via the Bering Land Bridge. Jays, being the oldest corvids, reached America first and rapidly spread south but have not yet reached the southern half of S. America. American Jays are predominantly tropical or sub-tropical whereas in the Old World they are temperate and/or alpine species.


  1. Hey I’m from South Asia. When I’m little there was a crow who used to tap on my window everyday and woke me up. It was odd because crows are not even common around here. It was clear that it was a stray . It has always been alone. But one day it stopped coming. I don’t know what happened. Crow scientists please explain

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  3. In our last top ten fact list about Crows we highlighted corvids from a scientific angle they are .

  4. Woww!! So Lovely. I really Love crows and that’s I came along searching until I came across this site..
    There my family totem /clan sign.

  5. I have a crow that has been a part of my life for 33 years. We are growing old together. She has bad days and good. Today was a good day. She is completely blind and has been for many years, but her balance if off and that is new symptom. She has many white feathers, dispersed throughout, like I have grey hair. She gets very grumpy if I take her out of her “house/cage”. She has arthritis and a slight limp. She stopped flying when her sight weakened, but she will grip the perch and flap her wings for attention, similar to the way a baby bird flaps and asks for food. She can mimic “hello”. I am taking her to a vet on Friday to check on her balance issue. I hope they don’t turn me in.

    • I have a crow called Oscar who is 7. He can’t fly and comes on holiday to Ireland with me , he is very clever ! I’ve had him dice he was a baby . But my neighbour brought me 2 baby crows to my door and Oscar. Is making very strange noises at them!!

  6. crows are the smartest bird.

  7. I feed crow & Ravens in my yard – a very smart cookie ! They leave me gifts on my steps, i love ALL BIRDS !~

    • My boyfriend just started feeding them. They are quite interesting!

  8. I love the crows in my neighborhood. I feed them along with other birds, as well as squirrels and any other critters that can use a meal during our hard winters. I have received gifts from them-the most awesome one being a “Madonna and Child” bracelet bead left under the tree where I feed them. I have a whistle I do when I have food for them, & they alert each other. Very cool.

    • That is so beautiful!

    • Wow that’s the cooles thing ever I found a juvenile crow on the grownd and its foot was severely hurt but he healed and is off on his own now.😊

  9. I am from india. Here crows regards very highly. There is period of 15 days known as “shraadd”. During these days most of the hindus offer food to them. It is believed that by feeding them they are feeding their ancestors. Today is 15th sep. Today is the first day of shraadd here in india

    • Interesting!

    • You are right..after i see all the above thaugts, i want to pick a crow..honestly everyone always want to groom a parrot but from this moment i want to groom a crow…😍

  10. Aah

  11. I have crows follow me every where i go. I would love to know why this is? I have them everyday in my front hard hundreds of them what does mean?

    • Crows are intelligent creatures who can recognise people and wether or not they are kind/bad to them. they are even able to tell what a person looks like from one to the next without the person in sight. So by the looks of it, unless they drop sticks on you / poop on your car or anything like that, i am guessing you must be doing something right or someone close to you 🙂

  12. Growing up, I used to love watching crows pick at our garden and fly around our yard, but I had no idea that they were emotional animals. I don’t think that they ever really reacted to hunger around us, because food was plenty there. However, I don’t really recall looking at one of those birds and thinking that they were happy either. What are ways that crows express that they are happy?

  13. i like them for sure in the late evening they gather and welcome them selves from further distances

  14. I feed them on my way to Starbucks every morning. They know me well. I feed them organic pine nuts and wall nuts. Sometimes they hide the walnuts in gutters or under leaves. I make deprecate piles of food so one won’t hog it all.

    • Wow. Great idea. A nest fledged in the woods behind my house. I observed them, crooned to the babies, and left treats. They have flown over the area all summer, sometimes lighting in a tree close by, then noisily flying off. ♡

  15. Hi Im looking for a crow related page thats all about crows and there behaviour and what is meant about sightings and so on but for get what the actual page is called i remembered till i went to type it and it just left my memory any help thanks

    • Hello, I’m Chhavyvann.

      I am a bird lover. Crow is ny special friend and also my personal messengers.

      Author Chhavyvann.

  16. Comment

    • As much as I love crows, this one pica pica crow I took to naming Jonathan, suddenly betrayed my friendship by shi*****g on my head. f*****g t**t. It ruined me day, i’d just gotten me hair did at the local salon with the lads, and Jonathan ruined my perm. Now everyone calls me sh*t head. This is very distressing. Why Jonathan? All I did was KILL YOUR FAMILY. NOW IM OFF TO GET YOU. YOU SON OF A B***H.

  17. i love crows, i walk my dog every day at the near by park, there are atleast 50 there and all know me very well. my dog is well trained to my comand and knows not to touch the crows when they come for there feed. i have been feeding them for 3 years now, when i started there was at least 20 of them, and since ichave been feeding them the right kind of mixed seeds, and fat they look more healthyier. and of corse almost doubled. is i stand still and no sudden movements they will come so close to me, so as a laugh i put a bit on mt shoe. and they came streight up and pecked at my foot. they r lovely birds. although the seagulls chase them a lot. so not a fan of them lol.

    • I LOVE CROWS they are my favorite animals! It is SO COOL to learn all of these AMAZING crow facts.

      • u guys suck



    • Crows are pretty amazing i you think about them.

  18. All the crows in the neighborhood knew me. When i came out of the house they started asking me for the raw peanuts i would buy by the box full. I loved watching them gathering the the whole flock. I had lots of peanut plants that started growing in all my potted plants , the lawn. I got a real kick out of it.
    I live on a hill and everyday around the same time of early evening I see hundreds of crows flying in the same direction to somewhere to spend the night. I wish i knew where they go. I love crows. The End

    • That sounds amazingly beautiful 🙂

    • That was so sweet

  19. I have been feedings crow’s for three years i just found out. What they are i was out feedings crow’s the 🍞 a men drive up and said you are a root doctor what tjat mean i just sern bird

  20. Crows are corney as shit like frfr they dumm

    • hi crows are dumb

  21. hi

  22. A long time ago, a devastating storm brewed in our land. It killed hundreds, destroyed homes both for humans and animals alike. It was a nightmare. But in my case, the storm brought a blessing – two, actually.
    A big tree fell into our backyard, bringing down the fence that protected us. Of course, I was upset. Further after investigation, I was about to go back inside when I heard squeaks of hunger. I turned back to follow the sounds and found two fledglings cradled against each other. I left them be, assuming that their mother might look for them. But after half a day of waiting, she never came back. The storm might have took her life, too.
    Ever since then, I took care of them. Even our five dogs enjoy their company – except for the times they bite their tails. Right after they were big enough to fly, I let them roam around the area where I found them – the backyard. They never left. I guess it was meant to be. Yes, I’m aware of how intelligent these crows are. I’ve seen it myself.

  23. A long time ago i would go to a small gas station and i would always see tons of crows picking out scraps from the garbage bags and i would think they where such dirty creatures this website changed my mine about crows

    • Mind^

  24. I thought that Crows were dumb but there super smart!

  25. I have a Crow in my room his wing is broke and I need help

    • @ODAHVIING DURNEHVIIR Well, start by calling the nearest wild life rescue center, I am sure they can help you!!

  26. Anthropomorphize much? How about a little tiny speck of science and less “feelings” or emotion?

  27. Wow crows are so cool and smart

  28. One of my friends were messing with a crow a week later the same exact crow at the same place relived himself TWICE on him. I searched up if crows can hold grudges against humans or other animals turns out they can.

  29. There was a crow I saw ‘playing’ with a bright orange ball on the roof across the street. It would push it and when it started rolling, the bird would follow then fly infront and stop it, then repeated it twice . I hate to say it but they are more intelligent than a few people I know.

  30. Do crows disfellowship member of group for bad behavior

  31. i started feeding a group of crows about 2 weeks ago. every other day i will go by their nesting area (right next to where i live) which they dominate by keeping the doves and smaller birds away from, and feed them FRESH bread and crumbs of dorito chips with cheese 😉

    they absolutely love me now, and jump down from the trees to say “hi” every time i go by 😉
    obviously hoping i bring (more) food ^^

    Ravens and crows have recieves a horrible reputation for absolutely no reason.

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  34. and crows is always remind you about darkness and beauty dead for sweet sinner

  35. it makes homework easy

  36. I am in love with crows. I am giving them cherries and swiss cheese in the morning…we had a fledgling and brought it in one night, because cats were out…but then I read there had never been a case of a cat, hurting a crow. we let him go in the a.m. and he kept coming back to see us, he was gorgeous, with blue eyes and a yellow bill, like fledglings have…to help him live a long time, we didn’t encourage him to be our friend, because we didn’t want him to get hurt by anything, for his own good, we left him wild. I think he is still coming around I have a lot in my back yard…my favorite guests!!!!!

    • Le me report that 1 of my cats does attack crows. 1 dead 2 hurt


  38. i’m glad i found this website it help me on my homework my school is east side elementary

  39. Crows are capable of facial recognition, holding a grudge, & communicating to other crows who you are & what you look like. I encourage everyone to search for several crow-related articles & read them. You’ll be amazed by how intelligent these birds are.

  40. crows are not mean , actually crows are my favorite type of birds

  41. crows are very mean ,I got to do a poster for school I am in fourth grade:]

  42. According to hindu mythology, crow can fly smoothly in natural climate good or bad is it true, in tough cyclon, clouds ?

  43. They should import the singing type to Australia where they are so abundant ,yet aaa aaa baaa baaa is their limited vocabulary ,when i first came over i thought they either sounded like little children screaming in the sky , or sheep , that was in Sydney ,now i live in the Gold Coast and at times the noise they make is very disturbing ,loud and repetitive . i found your information disturbing, entertaining and fascinating, and you are absolutely right as i came from South Central America   , and effectively they are extremely rare there ,and used as a death omen by the locals . thank you for your information          Jaime Moreno 


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