10 Amazing Crow Facts

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Corvids can be found all over the world except southern S. America, the Poles and various islands. They are believed to have originated in central Asia and species diversity is still high there. The oldest corvid fossils have been found in Europe from 20-25 million years ago; from an ancestor called the Miocene. Below are ten more interesting facts about our favorite bird:

There are about 45 species of crow worldwide known by a variety of names, including treepies, corbies, nutcrackers, bushpies, choughs, and the pica pica.

Mating crows will often remain together for years and some until parted by death. Most of the offspring will leave the nest after a couple months never to return. Some, on the other hand, remain, assisting in co-operative breeding.

Corvids are absolutely fearless, particularly when chasing bald or golden eagles. On other occasions, they’ll pick up and drop stones, pinecones or sticks on predators or people they come in contact with.

The common crow will usually live for about seven years, although some have lived as long as 14 years in the wild.

Almost all corvids have been observed using tools, and the Raven can be taught to speak basic human language.

Crows are emotional animals, too. They react to hunger and invasion by vigorously vocalizing their feelings. They display happiness, anger and sadness.

Crows are considered song-birds and posses a deep repertoire of melodies. And, like humans, the more melodious the song, the more soothing the effects. Some crows have even been taught to recite opera.

Crows have an excellent memory. They’re masters at stashing food in many caches, moving it sometimes two or three times, and remembering exactly where they placed it. In fact, for their size, crows have the largest brains of all birds except some parrots. Their brain-to-body ratio is equivalent to that of a chimpanzee and amazingly, not far off that of a human’s.

Magpies, Choughs and Nutcrackers are all basically modified crows.

Crows, rooks, Ravens and Jackdaws are the most successful members of the group except in Central and Southern America where only Jays have reached. Corvids are believed to have reached the Americas via the Bering Land Bridge. Jays, being the oldest corvids, reached America first and rapidly spread south but have not yet reached the southern half of S. America. American Jays are predominantly tropical or sub-tropical whereas in the Old World they are temperate and/or alpine species.

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    I have a Crow in my room his wing is broke and I need help

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    Anthropomorphize much? How about a little tiny speck of science and less “feelings” or emotion?

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    Wow crows are so cool and smart

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    One of my friends were messing with a crow a week later the same exact crow at the same place relived himself TWICE on him. I searched up if crows can hold grudges against humans or other animals turns out they can.

  • Tom M Mikaelsen

    There was a crow I saw ‘playing’ with a bright orange ball on the roof across the street. It would push it and when it started rolling, the bird would follow then fly infront and stop it, then repeated it twice . I hate to say it but they are more intelligent than a few people I know.

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    Do crows disfellowship member of group for bad behavior

  • Jakob Rasmussen

    i started feeding a group of crows about 2 weeks ago. every other day i will go by their nesting area (right next to where i live) which they dominate by keeping the doves and smaller birds away from, and feed them FRESH bread and crumbs of dorito chips with cheese ;)

    they absolutely love me now, and jump down from the trees to say “hi” every time i go by ;)
    obviously hoping i bring (more) food ^^

    Ravens and crows have recieves a horrible reputation for absolutely no reason.

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    I am in love with crows. I am giving them cherries and swiss cheese in the morning…we had a fledgling and brought it in one night, because cats were out…but then I read there had never been a case of a cat, hurting a crow. we let him go in the a.m. and he kept coming back to see us, he was gorgeous, with blue eyes and a yellow bill, like fledglings have…to help him live a long time, we didn’t encourage him to be our friend, because we didn’t want him to get hurt by anything, for his own good, we left him wild. I think he is still coming around I have a lot in my back yard…my favorite guests!!!!!



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    Crows are capable of facial recognition, holding a grudge, & communicating to other crows who you are & what you look like. I encourage everyone to search for several crow-related articles & read them. You’ll be amazed by how intelligent these birds are.

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    crows are not mean , actually crows are my favorite type of birds

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    crows are very mean ,I got to do a poster for school I am in fourth grade:]

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    According to hindu mythology, crow can fly smoothly in natural climate good or bad is it true, in tough cyclon, clouds ?

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    They should import the singing type to Australia where they are so abundant ,yet aaa aaa baaa baaa is their limited vocabulary ,when i first came over i thought they either sounded like little children screaming in the sky , or sheep , that was in Sydney ,now i live in the Gold Coast and at times the noise they make is very disturbing ,loud and repetitive . i found your information disturbing, entertaining and fascinating, and you are absolutely right as i came from South Central America   , and effectively they are extremely rare there ,and used as a death omen by the locals . thank you for your information          Jaime Moreno